The new Tuan family is officially listed, starting less than 30W, intelligent configuration comprehensive upgrade

2022-07-12 0 By

With the opening of the three-child policy, a large number of multi-population families have emerged in China.As a result, the 7-seater SUV in the Domestic car market remains hot.With its tall space and flexible layout, the seven-seat SUV has become the first target for many families to purchase or exchange.In this category of models on the market, cars of joint venture brands still have a better performance.For example, SAIC Volkswagen’s Tuan has been performing well since its launch in 2017 and has become the benchmark for seven-seater SUVs in China.Moreover, the cost performance of this car is also relatively strong, which can be called the ceiling of the same level among 300,000 yuan.Recently, 202 tuang family has been on the market, the price did not change, the suggested retail price is still 282,000 yuan – 402,000 yuan.Today we take a look at how the new Tuan family has changed.Among the same level, TUon family has always been a symbol of cost performance and strength, and now the new TUon family configuration is quite high.This is because the new Tuan family is built on the new MQB EVO platform, which is rich in features and easy to use.The all-new Tuan family is equipped with ACC advanced adaptive cruise control system, which can help the driver slow down the fatigue of both hands and feet when driving on congested urban roads or high-speed roads. The system can automatically adjust the speed according to other vehicles, so that the driver does not need to concentrate so much.Front Assist is also standard and comes with AEB automatic emergency braking.The system can monitor the road ahead in real time, for pedestrians and vehicles can be captured.If there is a ghost probe or a collision risk, the system can actively intervene to help the vehicle stop.The 360-degree panoramic visual driving assistance system is not absent on the new Tuan and the new Tuan X. Sitting in the car, you can see the situation at a glance, whether it is changing lanes or parking can have a better understanding of the surrounding situation.The new Tuan, as a large 7-seat SUV, must be excellent enough in space performance.The body side of the new TUan looks very muscular and powerful, and the body data of the new Tuan is also very excellent, the length, width and height are 5052mm, 1989mm, 1773mm, and the wheelbase is 2980mm.Compared to the all-new Highlander in its class, this car is far ahead in size, guaranteeing room in every row.The Tuan X adopts the styling of a crossover SUV, with body sizes of 4917mm, 1989mm and 1719mm, and a wheelbase of 2980mm.Tuan X can be seen that the width, height and wheelbase of the car is the same as the new TUan, but the length of the body is reduced, so that the space inside the car also has a high guarantee.The seats of the new Tuan family are wrapped with leather material, which is very good, and the surface is embellished with texture.It not only makes the car look more textured, but also has better comfort to ride.High-matching models have aviation headrest, front row electric adjustment, main driver position memory function, so that passengers will not feel tired in the car for a long time.The front seats also have ventilation and heating functions, no matter winter or summer travel will not feel uncomfortable, in line with the performance of large luxury SUV.From configuration respect, functional respect and dimensional respect, brand-new way ang family is having very strong actual strength.Not only that, we can also see that SAIC Volkswagen has a high sincerity and has made great progress in all aspects. Moreover, the price has not changed.