Chengde police in the first quarter of the crackdown on telecommunications network fraud work significant results

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Recently, the Public Security Department of Hebei Province has notified the work of cracking down on new types of telecom network crimes since 2022. The number of telecom network fraud cases in The city has decreased by -83.4% year-on-year, the number of solved cases has increased by 450% year-on-year, and the number of suspects arrested has increased by 1052% year-on-year.Ranked the forefront of the province.Reasonable layout, special topic scheduling.City public security bureau held a special meeting for many times, have launched research work of telecom network fraud crime, the county attaches great importance to the public security organs, as group leader, at the center of the anti cheat to combat fraud telecom network joint conference system for the gripper, adhere to the predominant simultaneously dealing, coordinate linkage, in pump capable police investigation engines at the same time, fully mobilize all forces to carry out the prevention work,Formed a good atmosphere for the whole society to jointly attack and prevent telecom network fraud.Early warning dissuasion, timely stop loss.Widespread mobilization of the masses to download and install the NATIONAL Anti-fraud center APP.Optimize and perfect the telephone fraud early warning and interception system, and adopt the combination of telephone dissuasion and door-to-door dissuasion to timely dissuade those at high risk of being defrauded.Relying on the anti-fraud center at the city and county levels, establish online and offline inspection and control channels with commercial banks and tripartite payment institutions, deal with alarm of telecom and network fraud in a quick response, and carry out stop payment freeze in time.Special strike, solve the case.Advance the “card”, “sweep the floor action” special action, such as clues to dig the source, to strengthen those involved, north myanmar backflow personnel efforts, actively MoPai “two card” black ash industry chain, the important stakeholders fraud cases one by one, set up of some comprehensive investigation measures, tracking tracking and monitoring the crackdown, form the whole chain, wave,Remove the breeding ground for crimes and deny living space to lawbreakers.Strengthen publicity and strengthen prevention.The public security organs of the city gathered the wisdom and strength of the police to carry out various forms of anti-fraud propaganda.Adhere to the multi-pipe, strengthen offline and online joint propaganda, the establishment of anti-fraud wechat group, anti-fraud propaganda into the community, into the enterprise, into the school, integration of the publicity needs of the new media era, the establishment of the “anti-fraud alliance”, the director of the online anti-fraud, anti-fraud classroom, has achieved good public opinion effect.End compiled album | zhang qing audits | zhan-dong wang