@Dongguan enterprises, here comes the interpretation and guidance of the government and Data Bureau’s rescue policy

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On March 31, Dongguan Municipal People’s Government issued several Measures to Further Promote the Rescue and Development of Market Players and Distressed Industries in response to COVID-19 (Dongfu (2022) No. 25).In “(15) Fully support enterprises to increase capital and expand production”, it is clear that: to establish a through train service mechanism for capital increase and expand production, to provide examination and approval service for enterprises.Strengthen major projects in the “(22) the whole process of service” clear: to establish the whole chain of major projects tracking service safeguard mechanism, good cohesion projects attract and fall to the ground, coordinated well, for the examination and approval, construction, inspection and acceptance of the main part of the service guide, municipal key projects enjoy treatment of matters approval “transact the channel”.Policy interpretation one, what kind of project can apply for (one) increase capital and expand production key projects.The applicant shall be selected to be included in the list of key projects for capital increase and production expansion of the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau.Major projects.Projects that meet the requirements of laws and regulations, industrial policies, development plans, industry norms and intensive use of resources, play a supporting and guiding role in the economic and social development of Dongguan, and are listed in the municipal major project plan according to the procedures.Ii. What kind of services can enterprise projects apply for (I) Key projects of capital increase and production expansion.Enterprise projects selected to be included in the list of key projects of capital increase and production expansion of municipal Investment Promotion Bureau can apply for free service of project approval matters in the agent service area of construction engineering area on the second floor of citizen Service Center during business hours.The agency team provides one-to-one services, including consultation of the whole process of project application, business guidance before application, agency of examination and approval, coordination and follow-up, etc.Major projects.Can enjoy the appointment service “green channel”.At the same time, you can go to the agent service area of construction engineering area on the second floor of the citizen Service Center to apply for the agent service of approval matters of construction projects for free.This measure shall take effect from the date of promulgation, and shall remain valid until December 31, 2022, except for the specified period.During the policy implementation, if the state and province issue new regulations, they shall be implemented according to the national and provincial regulations.Service time 9:00-12:00 a.m.Service channels (I) Agency service, enterprise projects can go to the agency service area of the construction project area on the second floor of the Citizen Service Center.(II) Regarding appointment, enterprise projects can pay attention to the public account “I Guan Jia”,Select the “reservation” to choose “small program version on the web site” (or “public version number on the web site”) to choose “reserve”, for the first time login to fill out personal information and face recognition (public version of the need to use the guangdong government affairs service unified identity authentication platform login) to choose the “civil service center government affairs hall”, select “construction” project – > select “major projectsService “→ Select the corresponding business type → select the service time to complete the appointment.Service area of Dongguan Citizen Service Center: 22835585, 22835583, Mr. Huang: 13826931988, Mr. Luo: 13316678199.South + – Create more value