“Glory and fortune express” Hou Yi no longer fear the assassin!He went from archer to warrior again

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Hou Yi is so dreamy that everyone has started the encore?Recently I am also accidentally got an entertainment play “meat houyi” we can match or five row try oh entertainment play – blood devil Houyi houyi out of the meat assassin is difficult to catch, damage is not low, play very happy.Flesh Houyi has the possibility of a new blood hand, as long as it has high health and fast attack speed, it can play more valuable equipment.Hou Yi passively increases attack speed, and split arrow also triggers additional damage, which increases attack speed in a disguised way.As can be seen here, Hou Yi’s split arrow can trigger the apocalypse twice, and blood hand is passive.Two pieces of equipment at once, stack A passive flat A 7 damage.Although it only shows 5 segments, if it is only The end of the world, orb damage decreases from 700 and jumps back to 700 after the purchase of blood hand, so the two pieces of orb damage merge.The specific costumes are: attack speed shoe, Apocalypse, cloud bow, Blood hand, dawn, crack, witch, and finally shoes for electric knife or shadow blade.Inscription: 10 dojiao, 10 eagle eye, 10 red moon.There are no endless options, because our meaty entertainment is mainly about eating the high attack speed, and the equipment orb effect produced by the split arrow.Low damage crits still don’t do much damage, so meat Houyi’s endless is not a good deal.Endless pure output takes 7 seconds to kill, and 3 pieces of flesh takes 8 seconds, not counting the damage added when opening the blood demon.With three meat suits and a variety of shields, survivability is also greatly improved.To the middle and late here to help Dharma accept Zhao Yun, although other opponents pack over, I directly open a blood hand standing, teammates came to me also won the double kill.There will be no problem with the end of a match when you win 14 heads and get 32% output.And now houyi 2A feel optimization, splash damage with 90% deceleration, improve the ability to open the group at the same time better survival.Defense tower 4 minutes ago block fixed damage changed to % damage, also good houyi.So with such a set of half-meat play, the output is not much lower while the fault tolerance rate is much higher, do not be too careful.Similarly, Dee renjie has his own speed of movement, speed of attack, and the effect of the ball triggered by each skill, which is the same principle as Houyi.Think in those days Di Renjie also used to be a “real soldier”, and then let di adult sit a “blood hand card time machine” back to the warrior’s playground to play a play.Of course, meaty entertainment is not as good as pure output in a short period of time.But if it’s a tailwind, it’s good to have all the output after the apocalypse.Against the wind can choose half meat play, the slightest does not affect the bureau.There are not recommended to use directly single row oh, more and more small partners entertainment practice, use up to be able to play with ease ah!Q: are the shooters having more fun this season?