Japan vs China men’s football team forecast: Japan’s two main central defenders without the National team 2 naturalized +1 to play abroad

2022-07-13 0 By

At 18 o ‘clock on January 27 evening, Beijing time, the Asian preliminary round of 12 strong round 7, China men’s football team will away challenge Japan, the game in Japan’s devil home stadium saitama Stadium, this game can sell 25000 tickets, Japan will truly occupy the home benefit, there are more than 20,000 fans cheering for them.Game highlights: First: Li Xiaopeng coach the first show of the National football team, facing the Asian brother Japan team can not be afraid?Although China lost to Japan 1-0 in the first leg of the round of 12, Li Tie’s team was completely beaten with zero shots on target.Li Xiaopeng coach of the National football team in the guarantee of defense under the condition of trying to counter attack, because the attack is the best defense, at the same time defend 90 minutes is defensible.Second: national foot 2 naturalized +1 liuyang can start together?Aiksen did not come, Fernand half way back, Luo Guofu accumulation yellow card suspension, the current national football team only Jiang Guangtai and Alan two naturalized players, Jiang Guangtai said before the game to zero Japan;Li Xiaopeng recognized Alan’s state and strength, Alan is expected to start in Japan;Wu Lei as a result of the Spaniards become marginal players, physical fitness is completely no problem.Jiang Guangtai, Alan, Wu Lei, 2 naturalized +1 Liuyang is expected to start in Japan.Third: Yan Junling or Wang Dalei?Yan Junling has made mistakes in the previous round of 12 matches, Chinese Super League and FA Cup final against Shandong Taishan. Fans have a high call for Wang Dalei to start. Li Xiaopeng will continue to let Yan Junling start, or replace wang Dalei, the match goalkeeper.Fourth: the new man, high quality front waist dai Weijun can usher in the first show of the National football Team?Shenzhen midfielder Dai Weijun has already qualified to play for The Chinese national football team. Will the 22-year-old quality striker, who played for Wolves, make his debut against Japan in the round of 12?Fifth: The absence of Japan’s two main central defenders, the National football team can score?Arsenal’s Fu An Kenyang and Sampdoria’s Yoshida Ma are also injured, Japan lost two major central defenders, the back line certainly has loopholes, China can break the Japanese team’s goal?Meeting record: the two sides nearly 6 times of meeting, Japan 3 wins 3 draws, never lost!Japan has won all their last three matches against China.Injury: National Football Team: Luo Guofu suspended;Japan: Fuan Kenyang, Yoshida ma also missed due to injury.Li Xiaopeng, head coach of National football Team, said: “So the tactics are all made around the hope of retaining promotion. Naturalized players come back to National football team from thousands of miles away. Their attitude is very positive and they are eager to help Chinese football.Wu Xi, Captain of China’s National football Team: Japan will have the advantage of playing at home, with more than 20,000 Japanese players cheering them on.Japan coach Mori Boichi: I know nothing about Li Xiaopeng, I don’t know what will happen after the change of the Chinese team, we have players will replace the positions of Fuan Jianyang and Yoshida Masayu, And Hang Endo will be the captain of this match.The starting: the team’s starting lineup is expected to (433) : goalkeeper: wang lei defenders: two other leaders being Chen ming-shu Wang Shen super, Zhu Chen jie, too, zhang linpeng midfield: Wu Xi, xuxin, junmin hao forwards: Alan, yuning zhang, lei Japan starting lineup is expected to (4231) : goalkeeper: Daniel schmidt defenders: zhongshan male too, Huang plate storehouse, taniguchi akira enlightenment, the macro sakai tree back:Midfielders hidemasa Morita, Bisaka Tanaka: Hideki Hisubo, Takasoru Nano, Junya ITO Forward: Daichi Maeda