There are centralized charging facilities in the community

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Recently, the Procuratorate of Wuchang District in Wuhan, Hubei province, launched a public interest lawsuit against illegal parking and “flying cable” charging of electric vehicles, and found that one community has set up centralized charging places, and other communities are preparing or building centralized charging places.In August 2021, the fourth procuratorial department in wuchang district procuratorate to electric vehicle battery explosion, caused by spontaneous combustion accidents such as grooming, launched the jurisdiction electric cars charge up illegal parking, “fly line” special MoPai action, public interest litigation cases clues of main building blocks in different historical stages of three streets of 12 communities were visiting survey.”Wuchang belongs to the old city, the road condition is complex, the electric vehicle retains and the usage is large.Most of the communities investigated have great fire hazards in the storage and use of electric vehicles.For example, moving electric cars to residential buildings to charge, private wiring and so on.”Wuchang District Procuratorate deputy chief prosecutor Tian Xunhong said.The chaos of electric vehicles not only has hidden danger of fire safety, but also violates relevant laws and regulations and damages public interests.In September 2021, The Procuratorate of Wuchang District issued pre-prosecution suggestions for administrative public interest litigation to four relevant units, urging them to perform their duties in accordance with the law, and carrying out pre-prosecution consultations with the sub-district offices of the investigated communities, suggesting them to do a good job in safety inspection and fire protection publicity.After receiving the procuratorial proposal, the four administrative organs all attached great importance to it, timely strengthened the supervision of electric vehicle fire safety hazards by increasing publicity and education, holding special coordination meetings, strengthening inspections and other ways, and made written replies to the procuratorial organs.Wuchang District fire and rescue brigade, together with the district Housing administration, convened a special meeting for property service enterprises under the jurisdiction to study and solve relevant problems, and cooperated with the public security, street and other departments to investigate and punish relevant illegal points.In order to strengthen the supervision of the case handling process and improve the quality and efficiency of the private affairs, The Procuratorate of Wuchang District took the initiative to invite the people’s supervisors to participate in the evaluation of the rectification effect of the procuratorial suggestions.”The procuratorial organs and administrative organs are working together to do practical things for the community.”A people’s supervisor said after seeing that problems such as illegal parking of electric vehicles and inadequate centralized charging facilities and fire fighting facilities in a small area had been basically solved.Solve procuratorial recommendations for further improvement effect problems found during the assessment, in November 2021, the hospital called four administrative organs and feedback corrective effect evaluation meeting three street, and just the case held public hearings in December, listen to the administrative organs in the process of rite in accordance with the relevant measures, achievements and difficulties, and the next step of work plan.All parties said that they would continue to promote the rectification work on the basis of doing a good job in the case, and effectively contribute to the construction of a safe Wuchang.(Source: Procuratorial Daily by Zhou Jingjing tian Di Pan)