Tang Yin fight “epidemic”!Chengguan: The promise of party members

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“We walked, after the community to you in charge!”At 11:30 p.m. on January 17, ge Yingwen, the temporary party branch secretary of Shuren Apartment in Chengguan Town, was put in the spotlight by a phone call.Grid worker Wang Taihua and several property workers were sent to Anyang for centralized quarantine due to contact with a COVID-19 patient.Before leaving, Wang Taihua will guard the responsibility of the community to ge English.Gerhardt maintains the test order Gerhardt is a little flustered.Since January 8, Wang taihua has led the property management staff and volunteers to do nucleic acid, conduct flow control, transport materials, guard the checkpoint, and make epidemic prevention and control work in perfect order. Ge Yingwen, as a volunteer, has been actively cooperating with her work.The sudden accident not only made the community epidemic prevention work lost the commander in chief, but also hollowed out the force of the property, equivalent to the complete annihilation of the regular army, leaving only a group of volunteers.The safety of 1,300 residents of Shuren Apartments is now their own responsibility!Ge English felt pressure, but also felt trusted, sense of responsibility and mission surging from the heart, he quickly calm down, solemnly promise will keep the community.He asked Wang Taihua to continue his command through wechat. Overnight, he divided the volunteers into nucleic acid group, epidemic prevention materials group, information collection group, elimination group and power guarantee group according to their strengths. He set up the work responsibilities of each group, designated the team leader and drew out the guard list.On the morning of January 18, the volunteers arrived at their posts early and took their positions after listening to Ge’s assignment.Two rounds of nucleic acid tests were conducted for all personnel on that day.More than 400 confirmed cases were found in Tangyin County this time, turning the initial battle into a protracted battle. As the Spring Festival approaches, smog still hangs over the town.The volunteers fought continuously, exhausted and demoralized.On the 29th day of the 12th lunar month, Ge Wrote “To the Volunteers of Shuren Apartment” and published it in the group to cheer everyone up and encourage morale.New Year’s Eve morning, he from the county agricultural and commercial bank to find couplets, led volunteers to the door for isolation at home residents paste couplets, garbage collection, for them to send warm.Li Xuejun Every strong collective always has a moving story.Mr. Li, 51, joined as Ms. Ge’s deputy when the epidemic hit hard and volunteers were depleted.For one week, the volunteers were forced to eat only one or two boxes of instant noodles a day.Li xuejun’s irregular life made his stomach problems worse, but he didn’t tell anyone.It was not until the end of the day that he told Gerwin that he felt a pain in his stomach.Ge Ying quickly let him rest and went to the hospital, the examination found that it was stomach bleeding.”There are Chen Long and Han Jiaqing,” Ge said gratefully. “Both of them are college students, and they are at the age of being sleepy, but they arrive at more than five o ‘clock every morning.I am also very active in my work and never cry hard or tired.”Han jiaqing ge English and the volunteers paid off, let Ge English is very proud of: in the surrounding community are found confirmed cases, but shuren apartment has not a single infection!The result makes all the hard work and effort worthwhile!On February 12, Wang Taihua lifted the isolation and returned to the community. Ge Yingwen handed over her work and officially resigned.(Mr Zhou)