Tangshan Tourist attractions

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Hebei Tangshan tourist attractions are: Luanzhou ancient city, Moon tuo Island, Phoenix Mountain Park, Qing Dongling, Tangshan Theater, Tangshan earthquake site park and so on.Here are a few details for you.Luanzhou Ancient Town was rebuilt on the original site, integrating 26 ethnic customs into the buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties.It was built in the style of ancient northern folk houses.East Gate, Guandi Temple, Zijin Pagoda, the highest standard “yi Qi hometown” archway, are popular places for tourists to take photos.The ancient city will often hold some special activities and performances, every holiday or peak season will be pingju, fire ceremony, Taijiquan, northeast errenzhuan, northern Hebei traditional Yangko performances.Named for its crescent shape, Yuetuo Island is a natural bathing place and ecological tourism resort. It is also one of the eight most beautiful islands in China.The sandy beach is fine, and the island is a Dutch garden with red-roofed wooden houses, windmills and tulips.Fenghuang Mountain Park is located in the center of Zunyi City.The park green trees, birds ‘twitter and fragrance of flowers, mountains turn, spring clear.Phoenix Mountain Park beautiful scenery tiancheng, in recent years and new unique national style pavilions and other ancient buildings.There is a viewing platform at the top of the hill, where visitors can overlook the scenery of the old town of Zunyi.If you want to learn more about the world, follow us