The middle-aged actors in “Beyond” are generally recognized for their small but excellent performances

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Of the “transcendence” is the young speed skating athlete, but also has a lot of middle-aged actors, their acting skills to get the public recognition, mei ting’s is Ms. Wang, tongyao plays li, Mary plays qing-hong wu, the three are middle-aged, in the film, the film is not much, but it was very good.Above all, Mei Ting acted the mother Wang Haiyan of Chen Mian, her play part is not much, but her temperament is very elegant, since a doctor, it is a doctor, her dignified and gentle more accord with her character, plus she is a mother, dignified and easy, admirable.Demure mother, the most important thing is understanding and support for his daughter, Chen Mian sneaking out to skate for the first time, not to discuss with her mother, Ms. Wang learned that after, not only not blame Chen Mian, also to help him in the Qingdao team for a period of time, even Chen Jingye Chen Mian back to the Qingdao, Ms. Wang also said to her daughter’s respect and support.Second is tong Yao, she played by Li Min, is the Qingdao team coach Zheng Kaixin’s wife, although Tong Yao did not make up, but her appearance is still a feast for the eyes, facial features delicate, facial features beautiful, with a pair of glasses, more added a bit of scholarly, hot body, let a person see, will applaud.Li Min is not only beautiful, character is also very pleasant, as a wife, she will unconditionally support her husband, Zheng Kaixin is going to Qingdao as a coach, Zheng Kaixin needs money, Li Min will help him solve all the problems, and Li Min, is to treat himself as a good mother, take care of himself.Mary who is qing-hong wu, Chen Jingye Zheng Kaixin, mentor when they are young, Mary, the minds of all people, is a comedian, even in the TV series and movies, are in a comedy is given priority to, but in the “beyond” Mary was surprised everyone, let them seen her in addition to the comedian’s real strength.In his memory, qing-hong wu is not only a good coach, is also a good coach, in his training, he is also a good coach, although strictly, but in life is a very careful mother, Mary’s performance is very good also, especially in the qing-hong wu furious Ryan a slap on the new face of time,Ma Li’s performance made everyone deeply immersed in Ma Li’s acting skills, which was a surprise.