“The world” : Luo Shibin was born and not raise, Zhou Bingkun raise and not, the truth is too tied to the heart

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No matter Zhou Bingkun or Luo Shibin, in nannan who should belong to the problem, are too opinionated.They both lacked the experience of using reason to resolve conflicts, and each believed that reason was on his side and the other was completely unreasonable.Sixteen years ago Zheng Juan told Zhou Bingkun the child is not Tu Zhiqiang is Luo Shibin, that time she broke a rib, she told him the truth is to let him make a choice.Zhou Bingkun love me And dog accepted Zhou Nan, has been kept as one’s own child in the side, and father Luo Shibin disappeared.Born and not raise, raise and not two people have what kind of collision?It was love at first sight, but with a kid.Tu Zhiqiang and Zhou Bingkun grew up in the photonic area, in the wood processing plant partnership work, Tu Zhiqiang was shot for crime, he told Zheng Juan water artesian pregnant, Zhou Bingkun water artesian and Luo Shibin trust zheng Juan to send living expenses.Choo was forced. Choo was chosen for nothing more than a feeling of kindness and compassion.But for himself, he is voluntary, he is curious about what kind of woman and Tu Zhiqiang became husband and wife.When Zhou bingkun saw Zheng Juan at first sight, he was shocked by her beauty. She was the kind of beauty he longed for.Although Zheng Juan is pregnant, Zhou bingkun is still obsessed with zheng Juan.Kids father and another man, Zhou Bingkun hard choices Zheng Juan know Zhou Bingkun like themselves, Zhou Bingkun monthly on time to send the persistence of the cost of living, also touched Zheng Juan gradually, one day she told Zhou Bingkun, children is not TuZhiQiang LuoShiBin, Zheng Juan is forced, she is telling the truth about their also had a replacement for Zhou Bingkun, if do not say, Zheng Juan heart is suffering,She could not deceive the man who really liked her.If said Zhou Bingkun can not accept, no longer come to her, she has no regrets.Zhou Bingkun saw Luo Shibin again, Zhou Bingkun coerced the children to let them pay ten yuan more for living expenses, Luo Shibin they did not agree, Zhou Bingkun took an excuse to beat Luo Shibin a fist, the fist with some personal grudges.Luo Shibin and water after the arrest, Zhou Bingkun when the family bracelet, insist to send zheng Juan monthly living expenses, insist on three years.Zhou Bingkun had inadvertently mentioned zheng Juan such a situation, father Zhou Zhigang heard angry kick him to.He knew his father very difficult to accept zheng Juan such a woman into the week’s door, can not help secretly worried.Zhou Bingkun think brother Zhou Bingyi more enlightened, let Zheng Juan see brother, brother admitted that photon piece of the girl did not match Zheng Juan, good, self-esteem, kindness, good character, but brother said not to agree because parents will not agree, their home too much attention to the family tradition, spitting stars will drown people.Zhou Bingkun said he would never give up Zheng Juan.In the year after Zhou Bingkun is put in prison, Zheng Juan takes care of mother and niece wholeheartedly for him, obtain the approbation of zhou Zhigang of father zhou finally.Zheng Juan with blind brother and son Zhou Nan came to zhou, Zhou Bingkun has seen Nan zheng Juan’s son, the thought of Nan Luo Shibin is kind, the in the mind will be extremely uncomfortable.When Nannan made him angry, his discomfort was no different from disgust, although in life he never favored the younger son over the older one.”Dad, I love you.”Nannan said such warm words to him for the first time.The words seemed to exorcise some dark corner of his mind.Chow bingkun also said “dad also love you” four words, and seems to be his own oath.The phrase “as one’s own child” is easy to say, but not easy to do.Zhou Bingkun with Zheng Juan they changed the house three times, the first time against the Soviet Union room, in the new home Zhou Nan said for the first time “dad, I love you”, the second time for the basement, in the light of the half-dark, furniture piled up at random in the basement, Nan looked at him and said: “Dad, I still love you.”The third time moved back to the photon area that day, Zhou Nan said to Bingkun: “Dad, no matter what, I love you forever.”Zhou Nan every time for his affirmation and recognition of Zhou Bingkun moved, never regret their choice, also no longer put Zhou Nan as an outsider.Water artesian told Tu Zhiqiang take the blame for the truth, prompt Zhou Bingkun careful Luo Shibin chongwen bookstore owner is water artesian, Zhou Bingkun recognized him at a glance.Shui Ziliu was arrested for profiteering more than ten years ago. After his release, Shui Ziliu turned over a new leaf and claimed to know everything about Chow Bingkun.Shui Told Chow, “Before I went to prison, I never came into contact with a good person except you.You’re an exception, not just to me, but to all of us.I’m going to turn over a new leaf, and that’s why I’m going to tell you something, tell you something, understand?”And tell Zhou Bingkun Tu Zhiqiang died of injustice, when the first arrest is he, he has only two choices — or carry, or for a few other buddies, that will be more for more, finally even I have to plant in.There would still have to be a death penalty, and there would have to be a fight, and maybe one or two more.His loyalty, probably thinking of this, he simply carried off the death penalty alone.They were drunk, or he thought he stabbed someone.The real perp’s name was Robyn, and no one forced him at the wine table, by his own admission.More than ten years have passed, Tu Zhiqiang has been dead for more than ten years, now can not pursue Luo Shibin’s crime.Chow wondered why whitewater artesian would make friends with such a person.Shui Ziliu said, “Friends are definitely out of the question, but in the past it was such a special relationship, and now one has to get along with the other.If I have any trouble, he won’t stand by, that’s his attitude towards me.He was bold, and of all the men of his day, he did well in business. Some said he hugged the thigh of a Hong Kong merchant, others said he leaned on a high official.I didn’t ask. It’s useless. He won’t tell me the truth.But HE didn’t put a dime into this bookstore.Take it or leave it. That’s how I treat him.I draw the line at him.”Zhou Bingkun dont understand why water artesian tell yourself these things, water artesian explained that Zhou Nan’s biological father is Luo Shibin, Luo Shibin was abandoned in prison, has been unable to have children, he will fight for his son with you.In order to live up to that year for his top capital punishment Tu Zhiqiang, water artesian said will also fight for Zhou Bingkun son.Now, Roshibin owns a company, an imported car, a few houses, and he must think he’s more qualified to be Zhou Nan’s father than you are.Perhaps in order to fight for his son, he will even fight zheng Juan together.He knows Robin all too well.Artesian water reminds Chow to be prepared.”Don’t be angry. Angry words won’t solve any problems.Let alone that.If he does, my advice to you is to take legal action.You certainly love Zheng Juan very much, also love Nan nan very much, besides you and Zheng Juan had his son again, love they can’t do reckless things.I saw you by chance today, otherwise I would have called you to remind you.I know you are working in heshun Building. Please rest assured that I will inform you in time if I know anything more.Between you and him, I’m on your side, and I mean what I say.”Zhou Bingkun for Zhou Nan was sentenced to twelve years of water artesian reminder soon came to pass, luo Shibin soon became the boss of the building, Zhou Bingkun in his work.Luo Shibin clearly wants to fight with Zhou Bingkun for his son. He gives Zhou Bingkun three options: The first is to return my son to me and break off relations with him, and you will get a sum of compensation that guarantees your satisfaction.Secondly, if Zheng Juan is transferred to me, you will get more compensation. If you find a younger wife, it will not be a loss for you.Option three is better, because it’s better and I’m finally saying, “It’s the end of the show!”That is one I as long as Nannan, but you want to facilitate Nannan and Feng Yue, at least not against.Luo Shibin is a businessman, has made a good plan, if Nannan and Feng Yue became husband and wife in the future, it is a perfect thing.At that time luo Shibin and the second sister Zhou Rong is the in-laws, and Zhou Bingyi husband and wife is very close relatives, and Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan is close to add close, and self-mockery: on knowledge, we have a professor;In terms of art, we have directors: in terms of financial resources, we have Luo Shibin!Sooner or later, Heshun Hall will be his.In terms of background, chow’s sister-in-law’s mother is estimated to be able to rely on the old lady for some years.Zhou Bingkun angrily took cigarette butts ironed Luo Shibin’s face, and beat him.One day water artesian find Zhou Bingkun, told him Zhou Nan has been persuaded by Luo Shibin, will go to Japan to study.Zhou Bingkun find Luo Shibin with his son Zhou Nan, Luo Shibin refused to tell Zhou Bingkun Zhou Nan where.No matter Zhou Bingkun or Luo Shibin, in nannan who should belong to the problem, are too opinionated.They both lacked the experience of using reason to resolve conflicts, and each believed that reason was on his side and the other was completely unreasonable.Robin is a man who makes it his business to bend the law.He only invokes the law when he knows he is breaking the law, and such a man is bound to fight for the right to be a father without legal means.Mr. Chow’s legal sense is also weak, and he sees a lawsuit against someone like Mr. Locke as an insult.Besides, Nannan was not his own son, and he did not believe that the law would convict him of nannan.Moreover Nannan’s heart has clearly been bought by Luo Shibin in the past.Chow thought that as long as he expressed his anger adequately, Locke would back off.Even in that situation, Mr. Locke ignored Mr. Chow.Chow put his hands around Locke’s neck.Pressed against their bodies, the red-painted fence suddenly collapsed, and they both fell from the second floor.Luo Shibin injured into a vegetable, Zhou Bingkun was sentenced to prison for 12 years, Zhou Nan finally woke up, did not go to Japan to study abroad, decided to return to Zhou Bingkun side.Zhou Bingkun with twelve years in prison, in exchange for the heart of Zhou Nan, but never think zhou Nan died in the end.Zhou Nan obtained the opportunity to study abroad at public expense under his efforts, when encountering gun attack overseas, in order to protect other students, shot dead.Zhou Bingkun hard to raise Zhou Nan grew up, with twelve years of personal freedom back to Zhou Nan in the side, never regret.Fate lane people, Zhou Nan finally died away, for Zhou Bingkun is not a great irony.