Attention, everyone!Don’t post any of this stuff on instagram

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The Spring Festival is also the peak time for all kinds of “show, show, show” in moments, but you know what?Some seemingly unintentional actions may reveal personal information. If seen and used by people with ulterior motives, it will cause loss of home or personal property or even harm the personal safety of oneself and family members. Then what are the taboos when playing with mobile phones and Posting photos?A lot of people on business trips, travel like to take train tickets, boarding passes, etc., to a circle of friends in the sun.Some self-protective people blur names, but don’t pay attention to what’s on the face of the bill.In particular, bar codes or two-dimensional codes of air and train tickets contain passengers’ personal information, including id numbers, which may be stolen by high-tech.Therefore, in order to safety, the boarding card can not be basked in, also can not throw at will, the most appropriate way to deal with is to tear!Don’t post photos of your passport, house keys, and license plates that reveal where you are at a particular time, as well as where you live.Most people go back to their hometowns during the Spring Festival.If you post pictures with location information in moments, it will reveal very real personal information, making the success rate of the bad guys soar.In reality, many cheaters and victims do not know each other, how can the name of the child and mother called out?How about a picture of the two of them?The reason lies in the “people nearby” setting in wechat.Parents who love to post pictures of their children may want to limit the scope of sharing and share them in groups with their loved ones.Don’t post pictures of elderly people in your family. Posting pictures of elderly people in your family increases the chance that bad people will identify them.If someone suddenly told the old man the name of his grandson and added a lie, the old man could easily pay out half his life savings.Daily behavior habits need to be alert to the usual out as far as possible do not disclose the schedule, whereabouts and other information, in order to prevent the theft of no one at home.For holiday tourism in case of crowd congestion, road congestion, traffic accidents and other problems, do not blindly spread and forward before not grasping the real situation.To the female precious adorn article, famous brand bag little “bask in” advisable, in case his heart unripe evil intention.For emotional problems about emotional complaints should be less information, not only easy to attract the attention of malicious people, but also damage the interpersonal relationship.Mobile phone tips Please master “Nearby people” please turn off the “Nearby people” function on wechat to locate your location.Click “Settings – General – Discovery page Management – Nearby people” and choose “Close discovery page entry”.Please close “Allow search” in wechat “privacy”, close “search me by QQ number” and “search me by mobile number”.Turn off “Allow strangers to view 10 moments” in the “privacy” option of wechat.Lost mobile phone mo panic call operators (China Telecom 10000, China Mobile 10086, China Unicom 10010) report the loss of mobile phone number;Call the bank to freeze mobile online banking;Remove Alipay 95188;Unplug wechat brings us convenience and privacy and so on a series of problems in plague us we must complete the personal information security awareness of personal privacy protection not an opportunity to criminals any security and stability of zhangzhou city judicial bureau to carry out the legal profession and the epidemic prevention and control supervision instruction work city judicial bureau organization to carry out the legal services industry the security check before the justice department about print and distribute the wholeChina public Legal Service System Construction Plan (2021-2025) source by Editor of Rule of Law Daily by Wang Ying by Wang Bihui by Gong Shaoyu