During the Chinese New Year, these kinds of people do not go to visit, high eq people understand

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During the Spring Festival, it is inevitable to visit relatives and friends, which is a way to maintain relationships between people and can effectively promote the feelings between each other.But not all the friends you’ve ever made, or even some relatives, are worth visiting. Some relationships aren’t worth maintaining, and sometimes the more you give, the easier it is to be taken for granted.No matter what kind of relationship, the most important thing is to be able to do empathy, but if the other party is not able to do it, no matter how you try to maintain this relationship, it is a futile, but will eventually affect their own life, bring unnecessary trouble and trouble.Sometimes relationships aren’t worth having and you just have to stop wasting your time and energy.Generally speaking, during the Chinese New Year, these kinds of people do not go to visit, high eq people understand.Don’t take advantage of your best friend’s family, but they used to take advantage of you, maybe you think it’s over, and forgive them, it’s good to move on.While your intentions are good, you may be missing the point that the reason a person takes advantage of you is because he or she thinks there is something more important than friendship. If you continue to see and work hard to maintain the relationship, you will continue to be taken advantage of, and this person cannot change who he or she is.To tell the truth, using is a kind of ruthless hurt, do not “good scar forget pain”, feel that the other side has changed, but sometimes the heart will not change, this is an essential problem, once you are hurt again, when the time comes can be too late for regret.During the New Year, you should socialize with friends who are worthy of your contacts, especially those who have helped you. These people are more worthy of your energy and time, as well as a sincere friendship, while those who have used and hurt you before are not necessary to continue to socialize.Don’t go to the home of a former colleague to visit others, itself there is a certain risk of unwelcome, especially the relationship is not so good at the home of colleagues, maybe you think two people worked in the same company before, and also have a good time, but after all, it is in the past, and moving around may disturb other people’s life.It is not suitable for old colleagues to visit during the Chinese New Year. They can make an appointment to meet each other at ordinary times, but it will appear very abrupt and even cause unnecessary misunderstanding.Besides, it is impolite to go to your former colleague’s house empty-handed. It is easy to bring no regrets, and the following relationship will also be affected. It is completely an unnecessary performance.Just like the reunion of classmates, we don’t have such deep feelings when we haven’t seen the truth for many years. At most, we just spend some time in the restaurant. So do our colleagues.Don’t look down on your relatives. Most of the time, it’s not strangers you look down on, but your close relatives.To tell the truth, the more familiar people are, the more uncomfortable you are, and also most like to look down on you down and out, when you are not as good as the other side, he will always belittle, such relatives do not need to continue to contact.They not only will not give you the help you can do, and even will be behind all kinds of slander, the surface will not let you take advantage of, usually when there are many people will take the initiative to step on you, there is no need to contact.This does not regard you as relatives of the people, you why for the so-called relatives and wronged themselves?Only by becoming stronger can you stand up to such relatives, but even then, don’t make friends with such relatives easily.At the end of the Chinese New Year, it is a tradition and custom to visit, but some people don’t really treat you, and since they like to flirt, they might as well just cut off contact.We don’t have the time and energy to spend on meaningless social interaction, especially with these three people. Since there is no need to interact with them, let them disappear from your life.Most of the time, the circle becomes excellent, you will be more and more excellent, life will be more and more happy.