I do practical work for the masses concentrated implementation fruitful

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Guided by the party history study and education activities, mudan District People’s Court focused on the people’s “urgent difficulties and anxious expectations”, highlighted the implementation of the work, and made the practice of “I do practical things for the masses” specific and institutionalized.Since Jan. 19 solstice on February 28, focusing on involving people’s livelihood of recourse labor compensation (especially migrant wages), “three fee a king” (maintenance, tending, alimony, pension), medical damage compensation, inductrial injury compensation, the compensation of personal injury cases, such as concentrated material and police, to carry out special executive action for a period of 40 days.During the activity, the executive director Wang Wei unified the dispatch, the executive team and the bailiffs team cooperated closely, the soldiers were divided into six roads to The Muandan district, development zone, Juancheng County 3 counties and 7 towns, successively dispatched 379 police officers, 106 police cars, more than 70 parties followed to witness the execution process, a total of 37 people were detained, arrested and arrested.141 outstanding cases of execution were completed or the settlement was reached. More than 150 parties received 1.772 million yuan, and 6 people sent letters of appreciation and brocade flags to the court.This concentrated execution activity, closely linked to the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, organically combined enhanced enforcement with the protection of people’s legitimate rights and interests and the maintenance of social stability, thus significantly enhancing the judicial credibility of the people’s courts.After the Spring Festival, the Mudan District People’s Court will sum up the experience, with the spirit of “tiger tiger gives birth to wind”.Yang spirit of the rule of law, for the sword of justice, strengthen execution, with enough good with a warrant, detention, limit high consumption, disciplinary, blow refuse to perform for the mandatory measures, such as actively promote effective implementation of cases involving people’s livelihood “, trying to make people feel the fairness and justice in each execution of the case, and strengthen the legal sense.Contribution: Executive Board editor: Zheng Ke Review: Wang Hui