Look, the teacher from Jiangxi No.6 Middle School is coming

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On April 3, Ganzhou No. 6 Middle School and tsinghua University affiliated middle school innovation experimental class was officially unveiled.Innovation experimental classes will be relying on the high school attached to tsinghua in top creative talent cultivation for many years rich experience and high quality education resources, using small class education mode, through expert team the whole intervention, high-end resource sharing, staffed, innovation management, optimize the curriculum resources, strengthening characteristic curriculum, strengthening the construction of software and hardware, organizes the student studies, such as a variety of ways,Comprehensive, fine to help Ganzhou No. 6 Middle School to cultivate high-quality innovative talents.Let’s take a look at the elite teacher team of Ganzhou No. 6 Middle School Chen Zongxuan, principal of Ganzhou No. 6 Middle School, a member of the Communist Party of China, bachelor’s degree, graduate school;High school senior title, Ganzhou high school mathematics subject leader, Jiangxi province special grade teacher.In terms of teaching and management, he has won the titles of “National Outstanding Educator”, “National Model Worker of Education System”, “National Advanced Individual of Teacher Ethics”, “Special Allowance of Jiangxi Provincial Government”, “Top Ten Principals of Ganzhou City” and so on.Huang Chao sea, male, Chinese communist party members, senior teacher of primary and secondary schools, senior high school geography teachers, through the sixth middle school vice principal, has been rated as “excellent teacher county” “excellent class teacher” county, “county outstanding communist party member” ten best painting and “county” “county high quality comprehensive appraisal advanced individual” “ganzhou city high school geography backbone teacher” and other honorary title,On behalf of the school for many times to participate in the municipal teaching competition and won the first prize, and won the high school geography teaching expert title.Zeng Huilan, female, senior teacher of primary and secondary schools, senior Chinese teacher of high school, the seventh batch of backbone teachers of Ganzhou City, excellent teacher of the school.She has been teaching for 16 years and has undertaken municipal and district-level public demonstration classes. She has performed well in various provincial and municipal competitions and has guided young teachers and students to participate in provincial and municipal competitions for many times and achieved excellent results.From the learning situation, actively explore the new mode of education and teaching, flexible processing of teaching materials, carefully designed homework.Teaching philosophy: teaching and research grow together with students.Tan Liangsheng, male, member of the Communist Party of China, high school Chinese teacher, the sixth batch of key teachers in Ganzhou city, ganzhou Economic Development Zone high school Chinese Tan Liangsheng studio host.In the past 16 years, he has served as the head teacher for 12 years, the teaching and research leader for 4 years and the lesson preparation leader for 7 years.Served as deputy director of academic Affairs office for 3 years, responsible for teaching and scientific research management;She has 8 graduation class teaching experience, and her college entrance examination results are among the best.She has won the first and second prizes in provincial, municipal and county teaching competitions for many times. In 2017, she won the second prize in the 10th National Teaching Practice Observation Activity of Innovative Classroom teaching in Primary and secondary Schools organized by the Central Audio-visual Education Center.In 2016-2017 “One Excellent class, one Teacher for one class” activity, won the second prize of the province.In terms of teaching research, the basic education project of Jiangxi Province “Research on the Effect of Logical Thinking Ability on the Improvement of High School students’ Language Expression Ability” was successfully concluded in 2021.More than ten papers have been published in provincial and municipal journals.Zhuang Liying, female, high school mathematics teacher, has won the honorary title of county excellent teacher, school excellent teacher, school excellent teaching and research group leader.I won the second prize of Jiangxi Province in the competition of excellent teaching resources for teachers in primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. I also won the second prize in ganzhou High school Mathematics Teachers’ Comprehensive Quality Competition.In ganzhou city economic and technological development zone high school mathematics teacher education of outstanding teaching activity subject “the position relationship between two straight lines” won the first prize, to guide the lesson case outside the space geometry of catch and cut the ball in the city’s high school math class shows excellent activity won the second prize, has published many papers in various journals.Xiao Liyi, male, CPC member, senior high school mathematics teacher, graduated from Jiangxi Normal University.Since I started working in 2010, I have been working as a senior high school mathematics teacher and head teacher. I have accumulated rich experience in teaching and head teacher work. I have been awarded as the Outstanding Head teacher of Nankang District twice and the honorary title of Outstanding Head teacher and Outstanding Teacher of the school for many times.He has won many awards in all kinds of municipal and district teaching competitions, and has won the first prize in nankang District Teacher’s topic competition. His courseware and teaching plan have been awarded the first prize of excellent courseware and teaching plan by Ganzhou Mathematical Society. Many papers have been published in journals above the provincial level.Has been adhering to the people-oriented, student-oriented education philosophy, education motto: to train people is to train his hope for the future!Du Peiwen, female, high school English teacher, Ganzhou No. 6 Middle School English teacher.Dedicated to work, diligent in research, good at thinking, pay attention to the actual students, according to their aptitude to teach, outstanding teaching achievements.Since joining the work, he has won the second prize of Ganzhou Teachers’ basic skills competition, the second prize of Ganzhou Teaching achievements exhibition activity, and the first prize of county young teachers’ comprehensive quality competition.Guide students to participate in all kinds of competitions and achieve outstanding results.She has been awarded “Outstanding Teacher of the school” for many times.I have written many educational papers and published them in provincial journals.Li Ytian, female, high school English teacher, has won many honorary titles, such as “Excellent Teacher”, and guided her students to win the first prize in provincial and municipal competitions for many times.She attaches great importance to classroom optimization, strives to improve classroom efficiency, teaches students according to their aptitude, and is unanimously recognized by teachers and students.Lin Jianhua, male, senior middle and primary school teacher, high school physics teacher, host (part-time teaching and research member) of Ganzhou Jingkai District high school Physics master studio, core member of Ganzhou Guo Xun famous teacher studio, high school physics teacher of Ganzhou No. 6 Middle School.He has been working as a class teacher and senior high school senior class teacher for many years and has been awarded as outstanding teacher and advanced individual for many times.He has published 5 papers in provincial core journals of education and teaching, and presided over and participated in several municipal scientific research projects.Participated in the Excellent teaching resources display activity of Primary and secondary school teachers in Jiangxi Province, teaching plans and papers were accepted and won provincial awards.The thesis, micro lesson and teaching design won the first prize in the provincial physics teaching achievement evaluation.I have guided students to participate in the city’s general technology discipline achievements display and won municipal awards. I have also guided students to participate in national physics competitions and won provincial awards for many times.Chen Guoqing, male, high school physics teacher, member of ganzhou’s first famous teachers’ Studio, member of Ganzhou High School Physics Lin Jianhua Famous Teachers’ Studio, first prize of Ganzhou High School Physics Quality Class city;Won the second prize of jiangxi Provincial Physics Field Teaching Competition for young Middle School Teachers;In jiangxi province “Wisdom operation” micro class collection activity, more than 10 provincial open classes were included by the provincial “Jiangxi Teaching Cloud” platform;She has won many honorary titles such as “Excellent Teacher”, “Excellent Class Teacher”, “Excellent Educator” and “Backbone Teacher”.Assisted students to participate in middle school physics competition and won national awards, actively participated in the research of topics and papers, and wrote many papers in the provincial and municipal evaluation awards.Li Fuhua, female, high school chemistry teachers, 13 years taught conscientiously, 5 years at three, chemistry teaching for many years A layer class, excellent teaching achievements, outstanding performance, was named “excellent teacher”, “school chemistry discipline leaders,” “top ten outstanding young teacher” “excellent lesson preparation group leader” “the most popular teacher” “excellent teacher”, etc.;Published many papers in national and provincial journals;Participated in the joint examination of ganzhou 14 counties (cities) as a key member for many times;Won the “city second prize” in the Exhibition and evaluation of excellent self-made teaching AIDS in Ganzhou Primary and secondary schools;Won the “county first prize” in xinfeng County High School Chemistry Young Teachers ability competition;Demonstrated and led public classes at the county level for many times;Founded the first chemistry society “Chemistry and Life Society” in Xinfeng Middle School;Assisted students to participate in chemistry competition and won provincial first prize and municipal first prize for many times.Liu Yufei, female, CPC member, high school biology teacher, master of education.In ordinary teaching, the results of my classes are in the forefront of the same level, and I have served as the leader of biology lesson preparation and senior three teaching work for many years.As a member of municipal master Studio, he has undertaken district and municipal open classes for many times, won the first prize of municipal quality class, won provincial second prize and provincial third prize for guiding students to participate in biology competition, and won the title of “Excellent Teacher” of the school for many times.Guo Caiying, female, CPC member, senior high school biology teacher, with rich teaching experience and outstanding teaching achievements.He has been awarded “Excellent Teacher” and “Excellent Party member” for many times.Guided many students to win the provincial second prize in the biology competition, won the first prize in the district level “Field teaching competition”, and won the first prize in the “Same class heterogeneous”, “Proposition competition” and “problem solving Competition” for many times.Yan Fuguang, male, high school history teacher.Graduated from Jiangxi Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in history.To guide students in “the second session of the national middle school students’ basic knowledge and innovation ability of preliminary contest” crowned the first prize in the proposition of “ganzhou city middle school history teachers and problem solving in high school” as the second prize, “excellent teaching achievement of ganzhou city high school history communication appraisal” as the second prize, “bamboo-shack area high school history teacher speaking lesson competition” as the first prize,”Nankang District high school history subject proposition and problem solving competition” won the first prize.Wu Xiaoping, male, senior primary and secondary school teacher, high school politics teacher, gannan Normal University graduate student outside cooperation tutor, Ganzhou high school political subject leader, Ganzhou primary and secondary school information teaching application leader, the district high school political masters studio host and part-time teaching and research member.He has served as the head teacher of innovative experimental class for many years and achieved excellent results in the college entrance examination.She has won the first prize in teaching competitions in Jiangxi province and Ganzhou City for many times. In 2016, she took charge of the examination of high school academic performance in Jiangxi Province.Carried out 5 provincial and municipal special lectures;Writing more than 20 teaching papers published in journals above the provincial level;She has presided over the successful conclusion of three provincial projects, among which “Research on The Teaching and Evaluation of Political issues in Senior high schools from the perspective of Core literacy” is a key topic in the 13th Five-Year Education plan of Jiangxi Province.Source: Ganzhou No.6 Middle School