Movie broken gold, hou Ye are not sun Wukong

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Hou Ye recently wu Yue starring action movie broken gold released, and a dozen Wolf team production gimmick bo eyeball, the story tells wu Yue as Lei Zhansheng, latent Thai gangs, from which the gang boss Hou Ye stole one hundred million dollars, and then make their own fake death, to escape to Japan.The message after elder brother Lei Zhanjun is informed younger brother dies, go to Thailand to investigate younger brother cause of death, because Lei Zhanjun and younger brother twin, gang boss thinks Lei Zhanjun is Lei Zhansheng, begin to chase after kill, younger brother returns to China to save elder brother, performed the story of brotherly affection thereby.The basic storyline is fairly clear, but the plot details are a bit worrying, which makes the movie less interesting.Plot one, under the private distribution of hou Ye property, Hou Ye appeared alone and his traitor people talk, both sides take guns to each other, but Hou Ye is pointing at each other, conversation shot, and then shot unlimited bullets from behind hou Ye flew his hands.Originally this scene is copied war Wolf Ni Dahong played the underworld boss scene, copied again, there is no new idea.Hou Ye and traitor two sides of the state of life and death, both sides confrontation, also talk so long, both sides scuffle, Hou Ye a person in the face of a group of traitors, incredibly nothing, bullshit not.The leading role of halo, the black Wolf Warrior boss insulted again and again to insult the audience IQ, this picture is good?Change do who go up, hou Ye early hung, Hou Ye is a person is not sun Wukong!Plot two, In order to escape from prison, Lei zhansheng’s girlfriend, that is, the heroine, takes the opportunity to stab her stomach with a toothbrush, and then absconds in hospital.But, you know, the fight during the escape, it was so sharp, did it look like she’d been stabbed? It was so weird, an action movie turned into science fiction.With self-healing function.Plot three, police escort LeiZhanJun road, on the bridge by robbers on the plug, wait in the car, admire writers head, sent to repeat, the way is blocked by traffic, apparent robbers, the police can turn around completely drive run away, but the police watch scenery sat in the car, at the back of the guard also not down, out of danger, such as the robber shot a rifleman,Police how so bad, have to say the screenwriter is strong, let who hang, who hang, don’t look at the identity of the other side.Plot, four brothers mutual affection that important, my brother at the completion of such an important event, why not to brother revealed the news in advance, if you don’t go to Thailand to save brother elder brother, do not do not have a thing, but the movie is that when you brother, brother has been in pit no notice, no explanation, two people in a room to sleep in time, the absence of a stranger, also don’t say.Until she exposed after said, and then in the seaside to brother a deep confession, all for brother.Why not say it when a word can save so much?For the story also really fight to talk about the story idea, about brotherly affection, elder brother for younger brother hit fake boxing, younger brother for elder brother steal property, a pair of moral flaw brother, how to let the audience to this pair of brothers sympathy, with two moral brothers to move the audience?Xiangzi, who saved Lei Zhanjun’s life for loyalty in the movie, gave up his career and life in order to cover the former eldest brother. The friendship in this river’s lake was moved to tears by the audience.Still have the girl friend of Thunder Zhansheng does not leave not to abandon, persistent to love, know boyfriend sells to use him, still loving this person as before, this is persistent to affection, have hotspot more than brother.In our life, there are a lot of stories about brothers and brothers, and the scriptwriter pays attention to them. Since they want to reflect brothers’ concerted efforts and cut through gold, they carefully shape the brothers. There are many such stories in reality, and there is no need to put traces of money on the brothers.