“Policy” horse “fragrance” companion!The tenth anniversary of the Killing of The Three Kingdoms x Baidu map navigation voice online

2022-07-15 0 By

“Ce” horse “fragrance” companion, and you walk.On March 25th, the 10th Anniversary of The Killing of The Three Kingdoms was linked with Baidu Map to launch the first navigation voice pack of the killing of The Three Kingdoms. Sun Ce and Sun Shangxiang, the popular characters in the game, will break the dimensional wall and travel together with players.As early as March 18, the wechat official account of the 10th Anniversary of the Killing of The Three Kingdoms revealed information about the voice package.”Slow down!Husband’s body matters “, “Sun Jia Tianxia Sun Jia Bing, the end is to the name of the world!”The “familiar” but slightly different lines instantly set the Internet guessing.Many players guessed the character right away, leaving witty and humorous responses in the comments section.