The interior looks simple and generous. I like it

2022-07-15 0 By

I think changan auchan X7PLUS very able to bear or endure look, very atmosphere of the car, can give other cars to rolling on modelling, style is more strong, sometimes I also in exclamation this design now  really attractive, even if there are some people who are no less intense impact at first glance, but it will also feel better and able to bear or endure look, slowly to like it.Vehicle looks atmosphere and make public, unaware tiancheng, to be able to bear or endure look, I have been the appearance of the atmosphere, capacious space, high quality materials, adequate power, came to lead to young people  consumption idea, indeed attract eyeball, see I also like, long distance driving fatigue you can feel, the roof and    can guarantee absolute good stability, excellent quality and reasonable price,Enough!The interior looks simple and generous, I like it, the space is enough and also very comfortable, the steering must be accurate,  but can  road, the steering wheel speed is light,  speed sink, the control mode is  is very simple, not difficult!