They shine in every position, whether they leave the house or not

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From this article: People’s Daily online People’s Daily March 17 (Reuters) in the near future, Shanghai Shanghai epidemic situation is relatively serious, in order to ensure safety of railway transportation smooth and orderly, passenger traffic section of Shanghai high-speed rail a team of staff have devoted to the outbreak of war, or on the job they resolutely adhere to, or in the community offer silently, try your best to shine.”Ride tomorrow!”Sure!”Sure!…”Will everyone be all right for tomorrow’s ride?””Sure!”Sure!…The night before their departure, xue Feng, the conductor of the train, sent such a message in the group, and all six crew members replied “No problem”.In the face of the virulent epidemic, this “gathering” without accident is particularly touching and valuable.”We must not run around in the near future!””Thank you to every one of us who insisted on riding.””The epidemic is raging, but our standards do not fall!”…Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai, Xue Feng has been like a worried parent. Every day, he pays close attention to the situation of the crew members and instructs them to take full precautions. His words are full of care.Xue Feng (middle) and his colleagues are on their way.(All pictures provided by railway authorities) Many workers in the convoy are from other places. Due to local epidemic control policies, they may not be able to go to work normally if they return home.In order to ensure the normal operation of the transport work, Xue Feng talked with the crew one by one and did ideological work.As a Party member, she was also the first to set an example by postponing going home and staying in Shanghai.Under her leadership, the team has four that can not go to work after home stewards also resolutely decided to stay in Shanghai, stick to their posts.”Mom is in class, and when the class is over, I will go home to accompany you. You should study hard like mom!”Xue told his son the “white” lie so that his family would not worry about him.”You, me, him, are strivers.It is the efforts and efforts of each and every one of you, so that our family can set out in order.Come on, we can win!”Before the trip, Xue posted such a circle of friends.”If I can’t get out, I can help!”Distribute supplies, pick up takeout, do a good job of information docking, nucleic acid statistics……Wu Tao was busy throughout the corridor from morning till night.The village is sealed control, Wu Tao is not idle, is busy in the village.Train conductor Wu Tao, who lives in Jiuliting, Songjiang District, was the first to register for volunteers when the community closed down.”I’m used to being busy, but now THAT I’m free, I always want to do something more.”Wearing a volunteer’s orange vest, Wu Tao instantly became the building’s guardian.She set several alarms on her mobile phone, checked community announcements and notices at a fixed time every day, and forwarded them to the corridor group in time to ensure smooth information without delay.When it comes to meal time, she becomes a “take-out little brother”, rushing upstairs and downstairs to deliver delicious food and love to residents.When nucleic acid testing was carried out, she was also the most busy moment. She had to check the testing situation of each household one by one and inform the neighborhood committee in time if there were any puerpera or children, and ask medical staff to come to the house for sampling.During this time as a volunteer, although very tired, Wu Tao also feels fulfilled and satisfied from the bottom of his heart: “Even if I can’t go out, wherever I am, I can make a contribution.””I am a party member, have call must answer!”At six o ‘clock in the morning, Ye Qin, who had fallen asleep after being awakened by her 2-year-old daughter’s crying, was suddenly woken up again by the ringing of her mobile phone.”Ye Qin, today I need you to take the G10 train.””Yes, copy that.”Just also sleepy eyes hazy Ye Qin heard this news, immediately wake up from sleep, get up to wash.Ye Qin took on the ride for her colleague.The original value of today’s G10 conductor due to the sudden closure of the community control can not go out, this will be on standby for 48 hours of party member conductor Ye Qin’s moment of charge.At 6:30, after combing her hair, putting on her makeup and putting on her uniform, Ye Went out of the house with her cabin luggage ready.Due to the epidemic, the subway, which is usually very crowded in the morning, is very empty.Learning the latest documents, reviewing epidemic prevention requirements, and making predictions before classes, Ye Qin did not waste a minute on the subway, carefully sorting out the key work of this duty ride.At 7:45, Ye Qin arrived at the duty room on time to prepare for the departure meeting.”Ye Qin, thank you for your hard work today!”Facing the attention of the watchman and the cadres, Ye Qin smiled and said, “I am a party member, and I should be called upon.”Since local outbreak in Shanghai, Shanghai passenger traffic section high iron a solid team performance of the spirit of the prevention and control at all levels and requirements, the first time to all staff initiative, to strengthen the protection and control measures, at the same time, called for the party member to play a role of pioneer exemplary, stand up when meet daunting tasks, now form a party shock brigade 5 pieces to organization members assault dedicated four times,Party members have done 15 good deeds for others.(Yang Zi, Yan Jing)