Unscramble entrepreneurial “top student” growth password!Maker Dream Workshop held graduation enterprise exchange meeting

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What are some of the biggest challenges for tech startups?How to quickly gain advantages in core technology, market development and team building?How to win venture capital favor?…Recently, maker Dream Workshop, located in Guoxin Building, Lucheng District, held an exchange meeting of incubating enterprises over the years, where more than ten outstanding graduate “makers” shared entrepreneurial experience and lessons, jointly interpreted the rapid growth password of entrepreneurial “top students”, and offered tips for incubating entrepreneurial projects.”The key to winning the market and customers is to seize the development of the digital economy, precise positioning, in-depth segmentation, continuously increase investment in innovation, grasp the core technology, and improve professional services.”Chen Benyue, the person in charge of Wenzhou Zhidian Information Technology Co., LTD., was deeply impressed and said that he was grateful to The Maker Dream Works for providing periodic support and help for our entrepreneurial projects.From a team of a few people when entering the park, Zhidian technology has developed into a small and micro enterprise with more than 30 technicians.Founded in 2015, Smartpoint entered DreamWorks in 2017 and graduated in 2020.The company integrates next-generation information technology innovation into related fields of the State Grid industry chain, providing information services including customized software, system integration and technical services for the State Grid, helping to build automated and intelligent power systems.In just a few years, Zhidian technology has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, Wenzhou Internet of Things RESEARCH and development center, through the AAA credit rating bidding qualification, has won 2 invention patents, 7 utility model patents, 13 computer software works.Chen benyue’s speech resonated with the makers at the meeting.”It is difficult to start and incubate technology startups, so it is also important to find an incubator platform that can provide professional startup services.”Zhan Huadong, head of Zhejiang Huangou Technology Co., LTD., who graduated successfully last year, said, “During the incubation period of 3 years, the company has developed rapidly thanks to the professional guidance and policy support of the platform. During the incubation period, the business has maintained an annual growth rate of 30%.”In 2018, Hanguou Technology settled in the Maker Dream Factory incubation, deeply ploughed into the blockchain field, and successfully signed a contract with the Northwest Center of blockchain Research Institute of The State Information Center of China Guoxin Information Corporation.At present, Huangou technology business all over Zhejiang, Gansu, last year became one of the national sovereign public chain – Guoxin Public chain – Guoxin Huan chain business bearer units, has helped many enterprises successfully transform into “blockchain enterprises”.Approved by wenzhou Municipal People’s Government, Maker Dream Workshop is the city’s first professional public innovation space focusing on the field of digital economy, which is led by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and operated by the Municipal Engineering Institute.It is one of the first state-level creative Spaces registered by the Ministry of Science and Technology in Wenzhou.Maker Dream Workshop integrates project incubation, scientific and technological services and entrepreneurial support, gathering authoritative expert resources, abundant capital strength, inclusive policy support and other elements of innovation and entrepreneurship. More than 100 maker teams have been incubated and grown here.Up to now, Maker Dream Works has incubated 2 national high-tech enterprises and 19 provincial high-tech smes.A guest, said an official with the dreamworks is next, the operation will iterate upgrade, to “silicon alley” model, upgrade the overall image, and create wisdom park, in garden enterprises strive for the dream factory was built in 2023 for the digital economy industry key characteristic park, a prototype for the dreamworks is driven or self-built more than five urban embedded innovation carrier,And open to society.We will strengthen cooperation with various investment institutions, industrial parks and science and technology service institutions, closely link with various innovation carriers, provide more diversified service categories for entrepreneurial projects, and create an entrepreneurial ecological service circle.At the same time, it promotes cooperation with various innovation carriers such as Zhongguancun Information Valley Wenzhou Innovation Center, Southern Suburb Digital Economy Industrial Park and Taiqing Maker Workshop in Lucheng, realizes resource integration and space sharing, and strives to incubates more outstanding maker teams with potential.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com