Jiaoguang Reception Room | Tibetan EMU mechanic Lochu Phuntsok of the 7th Spring Festival Travel rush

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“Los bead!Los bead!Come and see, this group of cars still have a toilet malfunction, the cause of the problem has not been found, only two hours before the team ‘out’ time!”It was about 4 o ‘clock on January 25, 2022, and suddenly a frantic call came out of the intercom.”Receive!I’m at the depot. Come here now!”The answer came from a dark-skinned young man who was hurrying from the parking lot to the designated emU inspection depot, the light of the garage reflecting on the reflective vest he was wearing, making a bright trail of his tracks.His name is Luo Zhu Peng Cuo, a Tibetan EMU mechanic in chengdu East EMU Operation Workshop of Chengdu High-speed train section, and also the team leader of night EMU fault repair group. It was their team members who called him on the intercom just now.Came to the fault location, los bead to reset test of toilet, observe the fault phenomena, failure indicator display content, carefully check the equipment panel mask after the look in the eyes can not see a trace of fatigue, shining eyes held fast to given the related equipment, check test for a while, combined with previous experience, los bead relay failure judgment is water system.Luo zhu and his crew then replaced the relay, repeatedly tested the toilet equipment to make sure it was in good condition, and left the emU, which will quietly wait for the arrival of the “out” time.”Toilet breakdowns are minor, but they can affect passengers’ travel experience, especially during the peak travel times during the Spring Festival travel rush.”Luo Zhu said to the group, “Now there is a group of cars in the driver’s cab wiper failure, need to replace the wiper motor, we go quickly!”This year is lochu Phuntsok’s seventh Spring Festival travel rush since she started working, and the seventh time she will spend the holiday alone.Los bead peng cuo home in ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture, sichuan province daofu county, from the work of chengdu train period of about 500 kilometers, drive need about 10 hours, work at ordinary times busy, when he was only in the annual leave to go home, annual leave also need to avoid holidays, Spring Festival, ShuYun peak workloads, as a result, los bead every year almost miss the holiday with family reunions.Being a lonely stranger in a strange land, I miss my family more on very festival day.After graduation to leave their parents and brothers and sisters a man came to the strange city, strange unit, family and friends are not around, listening to the strange dialect, “said don’t want to home is false, very miss home New Year’s day when chang, yak meat, miss after dinner with his family to play in the grasslands, horse riding, running, singing, heishui dance.”But soon Lochu Phuntsok felt the warmth of the people around her.”When I first arrived, I didn’t communicate very well with people. I had to repeat myself two or three times before people could understand me.But no matter the foreman, teachers or colleagues, they all listened to me patiently and taught me to speak ‘Sichuan Dialect’.”Lochu Phuntsok is now familiar with all kinds of “Sichuan dialect” and “Sichuan dialect flavored with yak meat”.Chengdu bullet train section is equipped with three platforms and five types of vehicles, a total of 144 sets of passenger emUS, and Luo Zhu Phuntsok’s first-level repair team is responsible for handling the daily operation of the emUS.This requires them to master the technical characteristics of all emU models, master a lot of emU principle knowledge, so as to “appropriate medicine” according to the actual situation of emU failure.At the beginning of learning emU professional knowledge, Luo Zhu, who had poor language communication, was destined to pay more than others. Communication was the biggest obstacle when encountering problems, requiring more time and energy.”At that time, I had to learn how to deal with various emU faults. My teacher taught me hand in hand, which helped me through the most ‘difficult’ days.”Only love can be worth the years.”Looking at their maintenance of the EMU Mercedes in the motherland’s vast land, every night like traveling thousands of miles of dragon slowly return, I will be proud.Shuttle in the maintenance depot and storage yard, to the designated EMU to deal with the fault, combined with the functional principle of components from the details of the fault phenomenon, deduce the cause of the fault and be thoroughly dealt with, this process is as wonderful as crime detection.”From 2015 to now, Luo Zhu Phuntsok has been rooted in the emU level 1 maintenance night shift, “tables, chairs, benches, toilets, electric tea stoves, headlights, wipers, pantograph, braking system, network system…Now he has become the technical backbone of the team. He also begins to lead his apprentices hand in hand to pass on his professional skills and love for emU fault handling.For many, the most important part of Spring Festival is reunion, but for Lochu Phuntsok, it’s about working at a more hectic pace with his brothers so that more people can come home for a reunion.”During the night shift during the Chinese New Year, we would buy a lot of delicious food and put it in the waiting room. After work, we would gather together and talk and laugh, which was very warm.”When a person is in a foreign land, he has an unreachable concern and missing during the Spring Festival. He turns this concern and missing into motivation to better stick to his post and let his family rest assured.”Although can not go back home, but looking at their maintenance of emU can escort more people home safely, there are many brothers who stick to the post side by side, the heart is warm.”The most beautiful thing in the world is reunion. Luo Zhu cannot reunite with his family, but he is accompanied by a group of like-minded brothers. They jointly guard the safety of high-speed rail and the lights of thousands of families, and also let them establish a profound “revolutionary friendship”.”After work we would play basketball, party, climb mountains…You don’t feel lonely.I’ve taught them Tibetan songs and dances, and I’ve been best man to a couple of guys. I’ve learned pretty much everything, haha.”It was dawn, bead peng cuo and group of brothers to deal with the malfunction of the emu drivers room wiper, check to determine fault record sheet tonight they team responsible for emu 10 group were trouble-free legacy, and communication with the other six bullet troubleshooting team one by one to make sure all back to the library tonight after overhaul of the emu faults have been processed, los bead they finally relieved.Lochu Phuntsok was not in a hurry to return to the waiting room. He walked out of the emU maintenance depot and leaned on the fence between the maintenance depot and the depot to watch the EMU file out of the depot.”When I have nothing to do at home on vacation, I also like to lean on the window, overlooking the distant Yala Snow Mountain, praying that the holy snow mountain will protect the family happiness and health.I feel the same now when I look at the emU ‘leaving the depot’ and wish them a safe and smooth arrival with the returning passengers.”Luo Zhu said, “There is another good news in my hometown. The Sichuan-Tibet Railway, which runs hundreds of kilometers through Ganzi Prefecture, is being built in full swing. I feel excited when I think that one day the EMU I repaired will arrive at my hometown.During my vacation this year, I will take my parents around Chengdu, especially to take them to experience the emU I repaired.”China traffic broadcast: elegant correspondent: Xiong Neng, LAN Sha Photograph: Nie Xujun