Online shopping does not receive money delivery woman fraud money was sentenced

2022-07-16 0 By

Online transactions receivables do not deliver goods, the money will be used for personal consumption.Recently, The People’s court of Xiangdong District of Pingxiang City in Jiangxi province concluded a fraud case, the defendant Yuan was sentenced to detention for four months, suspended for six months, and fined RMB 5,000 yuan.The court found that during January 2021, the defendant Yuan posted false sales of Nike shoes, lipstick and other items in the wechat circle of friends, the victim Zhang yuan transfer 5980 yuan to buy 10 pairs of Nike shoes, the victim Tu yuan transfer 808 yuan to buy Nike shoes, lipstick, lipstick.Yuan mou no longer contacted Zhang mou and Tu Mou after receiving the transfer, neither delivered nor refunded, and used the money for personal consumption.After the case, Yuan mou will be defrauded 6788 yuan returned to the two victims.The court thinks after hearing classics, defendant yuan mou fabricates fact, defraud property of others, amount is bigger, its behavior already constituted crime of fraud.In view of the defendant Zhang mou has confessed, all the return of stolen goods, plead guilty to the sentencing circumstances, the court then made the above judgment.