Two winning goals!With 70 million talent in Germany, Chelsea could be the heart of the future

2022-07-16 0 By

Chelsea beat Palmeiras 2-1 in the Final of the Club World Cup on a penalty kick from Robert Hufferts to become the third Premier League club to win the title after Manchester United and Liverpool.It is also only the second Premier League club to win a career grand slam, with Roman abramovich and captain Azpilicueta both collecting career victories.It was 22-year-old German midfielder Hafferts who scored the winner from the penalty spot to seal Chelsea’s bid for the Club World Cup.And this is the harvard, the second in the final winner, in the final of the champions league last season, Chelsea face Manchester city, it is harvard, scored the only goal, to let Chelsea crowned European champions for the second time, and now it is in the club World Cup finals, harvard, show a big heart, again blow help Chelsea wish trophy winner.And Hafferts was the player of the tournament in the final.In the summer of 2020, Chelsea spent 80 million euros from bayer leverkusen introduced at harvard, who last season at harvard, no matter in frank lampard or figure hull under is not the absolute main force, and his overall performance is also generally, only contribution 9 ball 6 assists, this with him in bayer leverkusen data from 18 + 9 and 20 + 6 has the obvious difference,Some fans in the media are also saying that Chelsea have paid a lot of money for another “cheap”.But hufferts justified his transfer fee with a goal in the Champions League final, while another winner in the Club World Cup left everyone thinking the blues were getting too much for their money.Calm and harvard, exhibit and big heart ability also is convincing, you know he is only 22 years old, dare in such an important game play take the decisive penalty, although the “interference” in quetta, skin have certain effect, but if harvard, not a cool head and a strong psychological ability, how can punishment into such a key goal.Hafferts is currently valued at 70 million euros and will continue to rise in the future, given his outstanding performances and age advantage, and he could be the heart of the next generation of blues midfield.