A bowl made from the emperor’s skull, a bag made from a child’s spine, do you think these things will work

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The tongan volcano eruption has caused a series of ripple effects, which are expected to affect global temperatures for the next two to three years.In this case, the human heart also issued the most sincere cry, hope that the earth can be less disaster, more tolerance.On the one hand, the disaster of the earth is caused by the natural environment, and on the other hand, human beings are largely responsible.When humans became masters of the earth, they began to make endless demands on it, and in this case, the earth only got worse and worse.All human behavior is driven by desire, and what is the darkest side of human nature?Have you ever seen one?A bowl made from the skull of an emperor, a bag made from the spine of a child, and what can’t humans do?And do you know how to use these decorations with blood?Influenced by the feudal consciousness inherited for thousands of years, we always hope that the dead ancestors can be buried in peace, but in the feudal period, there was a big surprise.After he succeeded to the throne, the power in the court was controlled by the officials, so He could only be regarded as a puppet emperor. With great difficulty, when the officials died, Emperor Lizong realized his personal rule.At this time, Emperor Lizong of The Song Dynasty was able to fulfill his dream. During his reign, he made some reforms, which made the Song dynasty appear to be prosperous for a short time. But soon, Emperor Lizong of the Song Dynasty showed his true colors, and in his later years, he was greedy for enjoyment, which also led to the division of the land of the Song Dynasty.After the Yuan dynasty was established, Yang Lian Zhenjia, a Buddhist monk, began vandalizing the Tombs of the Song Dynasty in order to show his loyalty to the Yuan Dynasty.When the property inside the imperial mausoleum was ransacked, at this time of Yang Lian Zhen Jia unexpectedly fell in love with the song Ligong skull, he decided to use the song Ligong skull to do a bone bowl.Yang Lian Zhenjia was a disciple of Buddhism, but he had not learned the benevolence advocated by Buddhism. Instead, he was a flatterer, but he had learned cruelty and tyranny well.In fact, in Tibetan Buddhism, there are human bones to make ritual utensils, but these bones are all monks who have practice, and they can only be carried out under the condition of the lama’s will.But Yang Lian zhenjia was like a robber. It was not enough that he plundered the tombs of the Song Dynasty. He even insulted the body of Emperor Lizong.Perhaps Yang Lian zhen jia thinks he is doing everything is preaching, but in fact can not change his despicable face.When he holds the bone bowl made by Emperor Sung’s skull, how does he feel in the end?For once, I was happy with my achievements.In some luxury brands in nowadays, we often can see the bags made of crocodile skin, and animal fur fur coats, human used her occupying the top of the food chain, wantonly persecution of other creatures, extortion of their life, and just to put them into a handicraft for appreciation.There is an Indonesian rich second generation, he is a designer, and he designs bags made of materials that promise 100 percent human spine and 100 percent crocodile tongue.The selling point of his bag is a bag handle made of human spine.And he claims that all the spines come from children with osteoporosis, and that the carrying line of the handbag is made from the whole child’s spine, and that he requires advance orders so that mass production can be completed.How on earth did he mass-produce it, where did he get so many children’s bones, and why did he have so many resources for children’s bones with osteoporosis?Is the child’s family selling the child’s spine as a commodity, or is he doing something illegal?Really selling the bones is legal in some countries, but there are some people too pursuit of maverick, too pursuit of fame and wealth, trampled on the bottom line of morality choice, no matter where the children from the spine, but I believe that a normal parents won’t allow their children’s spine was made into bag carrying rope, being carried in hand, to become a handicraft.Conclusion: Can you use a bone bowl made from a skull or a handbag made from a child’s spine?I believe that there must be some families at this time will have similar collections, they take out from time to time to watch, even want to appreciate a handicraft, it was amazed, but if you can think of such a handicraft behind the production of the scene, but also calm appreciation?What is the appearance of human nature, mankind in the end by their own initiative, how much did wrong, the earth knows.If human beings do not know how to live in harmony with nature, one day they will be attacked by nature, and more innocent people will suffer.Human beings are just a kind of living things on earth, and have no right to deprive any kind of life, just stand at the top of the food chain, does not mean you are the master!