Azure lithium core updated information

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1. The recent market is concerned about Q2 price transmission and single profit.At present, the price negotiation between the company and the customer is still advancing, and there is no final conclusion for the time being, but it should have reached a relatively late stage, and the result is expected in April.According to industry feedback, this round of price increase is a general increase in the industry, Samsung’s increase is expected to be 10% (unit price is more than 10 yuan), Lygod 2.0AH single price without tax is about 8.4 yuan, bic is also more than 20% higher than 21Q4.2. Assume that the cost of raw materials in Q2 is the same as that in March, and the unit price of the company rises to 8.3, 8.5 and 8.8 yuan excluding tax. Theoretically, the estimated profit of the company is about 0.77, 0.97 and 1.27 yuan per unit.Specific calculation is as follows :22Q1 single cost increases by 1.63 yuan in total: lithium carbonate increases by 222,000 / ton, single cost increases by 1.26 yuan, nickel sulfate increases by 12,000 / ton, single cost increases by 0.23 yuan, cobalt sulfate increases by 13,500 / ton, single cost increases by 0.13 yuan, manganese sulfate increases by 0.05 / ton, and single cost increases by 0.004 yuan, 21Q4. The unit price is 7.1 yuan excluding tax, and the one-time depreciation of equipment parts is 1.2 yuan per unit profit.22Q2 single profit estimation: the unit price is 8.3 yuan, 1.2 yuan higher than 21Q4; the single profit is 1.2+1.2-1.63=0.77 yuan, 8.5 yuan higher than 21Q44 yuan, a single profit of 1.2+1.4-1.63-0.97 yuan unit price 8.8 yuan, compared with 21Q4 rose 1.7 yuan, a single profit of 1.2+1.7-1.63=1.27 yuan 3, market discussion of the company’s long-term development of the problem is also more companies in the field of I these two years the essence of the explosion is, nearly 5-6 years after the large-scale commercialization of power battery, lithiumBattery technology all-round improvement, large-scale training of talent, and the improvement of battery technology to drive all kinds of power terminal cordless, lithium electrification, at the same time, talent and technology spillover from the head of battery enterprises, also accelerated this process.In recent years, cordless applications in the field of small consumption and power have emerged in endlessly, and this trend will continue to be interpreted in the future.The company’s new breakthrough points include electric scooter, clean electrical appliances, portable energy storage, etc., which are all breakthroughs in the direction of excellence and the probability of success is not low. We are still optimistic that the company will continue to maintain good growth.4. It is estimated that the net profit of 2020/2023 will be RMB 10.5/1.57 billion.