Foshan Dongfeng Fengshen Yi MAX hot sale

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Foshan quality shop hotline: 17097663623 click can receive text messages in the table for a floor price to store the ritual: invitation to the original factory exquisite gift shop customers can obtain fengshen a ordering ritual: ordering customers may obtain 3888 yuan transport package golden eggs, the ritual: ordering customers can participate in hit a golden eggs a (original high-quality goods, fine home appliance, 100% winning) financial gift:Down payment of 888 yuan, new car loans, home to enjoy 3 years 0 interest all the ritual: the whole vehicle to enjoy ten years warranty unlimited mileage referral ceremony: old customers turn to introduce successfully presented a $500 gift card ordering special gift: during the activity, launched three special models (first come first serve) replacement: can enjoy subsidies hotline 7000 gallon high call:Address: Foshan Nanhai District Shishan Town, Guangyun Overpass west dongfeng Fengshen 4S shop;2018 profit and Fengshen officially opened ★ in 2019 won the Dongfeng Fengshen national “most Progressive Award”;In 2019, it won the “most Progress Award” of Dongfeng Fengshen National after-sales service. In 2019, it won the “Top ten New Energy Service Stars” activity from March 17, 2022 to March 17, 2022