“Keep the bottom line to check hidden protect quality” special action | st tang dairy industry to carry out the food safety

2022-07-17 0 By

In order to deeply implement the provincial, municipal and county food safety “keep the bottom line, check the hidden dangers, ensure safety” special action deployment requirements, to protect the people’s “tongue of safety”, Suntang Dairy focus on “keep the bottom line, check the hidden dangers, ensure quality” food safety special action.Food safety is more important than Mount Tai, baby powder production enterprises is more so.Since receiving the provincial, municipal and county market supervision administration on the “bottom line, check hidden dangers, security” special action notice, the enterprise immediately formulated special work plan, carried out a series of self-inspection work.From incoming inspection, production process control, factory inspection, label, etc to the prevention and control of enterprise risk material, SAN tang dairy to fully implement the “food safety” and “the powdered infant formula food good manufacturing practices” and other relevant state laws and regulations, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the provincial, city and county bureau of milk production and risk control, guard “milk bottle” quality and safety.On March 30th, weinan wei, vice head of market supervision bureau, special food and coco long Guo Yaxue and fuping market administration bureau chief li bin, non-public party secretary wang stability, special food stocks, who come to check enterprises, such as the milk, the production, the products possible risks such as yan du scrutiny, corporate executives Yang Zicheng, quality authorized person accompanied by liu bin,And the implementation of the inspection and rectification of the enterprise system in 2021 and the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise carried out a detailed report.In the next step, Saintang Dairy will focus on the investigation results of this special action, strictly implement the “four strictest” requirements, effectively strengthen the enterprise in the milk source, production, factory and other key links of the whole industrial chain of protection and self-inspection efforts, to ensure product quality, let consumers drink safe and assured good milk powder.