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China Xuzhou net – Xuzhou Daily news (Xu Bao rong media reporter Liu Xifeng Liu Sheng) “Hate came last spring.The falling flower is independent, the tiny swifts fly in pairs…””Don’t you see, the water of the Yellow River comes from heaven and flows into the sea and never returns…”In the morning of February 11, the party spirit exercise and practice center of the district level organs on the second floor of the Jiawang District government was sometimes filled with chanting and passionate chanting.The first training session for all readers in Jiawang District in 2022 is being held here.Chen Yimin, the distinguished promoter of the book-inspired Reading of Jiawang and deputy director of the Preschool Education Department of Xuzhou Higher Normal School, launched a training on “how to lead reading with interest” for more than 20 readers of the leading group of the nationwide Reading activity of Jiawang district with the topic of “Starting from Tang and Song Poems”.Since last year, Jiawang District elected nearly 400 people to lead the reading in government offices, schools, streets, communities and villages from time to time to promote the construction of a literate Jiawang through nationwide reading promotion activities.This training is mainly for leading readers of all member units of the leading group of nationwide Reading activities in Jiawang District, and is held in the district-level machine-level Party spirit exercise and practice Center, aiming to further improve the comprehensive reading quality of district-level organ leading readers, and give full play to the role of the party building activities of Jiawang district-level organ.In the morning, jia wang area district-level authority books reading in the middle of the party spirit exercise practice, wood of the bookcase, contracted desk, more than 2000 copies of party history, law, education, literature, comprehensive, historical books, with the display show of the communist party of China in 100 years development course bring out the best in each other, elegant with red footprints, warm atmosphere was very strong.The reading training, Chen to people away from the traditional “reading strategies and methods,” innovative “from the tang poetry” as the theme, why to how to read, read, read the meaning of the subject as the gripper, analyzes in detail the culture of the tang poetry in the tang and song dynasties, citing unique representative of poetry of the tang and song dynasties fu, analysis of various kinds of poet’s personality characteristics, characteristics of poetry, etc.,Rich and story-rich innovative reading promotion forms were shared to give everyone a new understanding of traditional Chinese poetry culture and guide readers to carry out various reading activities in innovative and vivid forms.At the end of the training session, Teacher Chen yimin sang a classic song ci song “Linjiang Fairy”, which fully showed the beauty of song ci.Chen yimin said, “I am very happy to be the nationwide reading promoter in Jiawang District. I shared tang and Song poems by reading and reciting them. I felt very excited to see everyone’s excited eyes.As one of jia wang district-level authority led the readers readers, jia wang district library director wang lei told reporters: “before only know how to read, but I don’t know how to share, professor Chen through the share will, we learned how to see themselves, learn together, the content of the creative to share with everyone.Chen’s presentation was very specific and vivid, and we learned a lot. I hope we can hold more such training sessions in the future.”After the activity, the participants jointly visited the Jiawang district organ party spirit exercise practice center.We have said that later will often lead colleagues to hold reading sharing meetings here, make full use of this valuable party education and reading resources position.Dongfeng night put thousands of trees, the most can embellish is scholarly.According to Li Yuansheng, head of the National Reading Office in Jiawang District, this activity is one of a series of activities for the “Book-scented Jiawang ink Blossoms” winter Reading Festival.From now on, more than 20 district-level organs nationwide reading lead readers will go into the streets, towns, villages, communities of rural libraries to hold reading activities, in order to promote the nationwide reading, the construction of a scholarly jia Wang, create a stronger national reading atmosphere, to contribute to the construction of rural spiritual civilization.Chen a brief introduction to the people Xuzhou preschool education department, deputy director of the higher normal school, standing director of xuzhou city youth language arts institute, jiangsu province putonghua testers, work in the language education for twenty years, “learning powers” xuzhou learning platform “power good voice” in the first quarter top 10 reader, elegant jia wang distinguished nationwide reading promotion.Disclaimer: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)