Police involved!The kindergarten teacher was accused of instigating the whole class to besiege the girl

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On the evening of March 26, Ms. Zhang released her daughter Nini (pseudonym) in Hubei Shiyan City Maojian district kindergarten classroom a surveillance video, accused the kindergarten teachers instigated the class to besiege Nini, pull her hair, and said that two parents asked the children later, confirmed to be instigated by the teacher nini pull.On March 28, Ms Zhang told reporters that three days ago, Nini was picked up by her grandfather after school has been crying, family members can not be comforted, asked what happened in the kindergarten, Nini told grandma “the teacher let all the classmates pull my hair”.Zhang was so surprised that she contacted the parents of other students in her class.”At that time, two or three parents asked if their child was pulling my child’s hair. The children said yes, and they all said the teacher ordered them.””I asked our child, and it is true that your child cried and the teacher pulled his hair,” said one parent in the class group, according to screenshots of the chat transcripts provided by Zhang. “I really don’t know if this is the first time, but when I remember my child did this and the teacher taught me this way, I can’t accept it.”The parents of the kindergarten claimed that the child was instigated in the morning of March 26, Ms. Zhang went to the kindergarten to obtain monitoring, but was blocked by the park and reported to the police, accompanied by the police to check the monitoring of the day.The video, provided by Zhang, shows Nini sitting alone at the back of the classroom playing and the teacher raising his hand to point at her.Then more than ten children in the classroom gathered around Nini, the picture has no sound, can not see the children’s specific movements.Ms. Zhang said the campus said the classroom surveillance was silent.CCTV footage shows the teacher pointing at Ms Zhang, saying she saw nini was hyperactive in class, always wriggling on the stool, and the teacher picked her up and made her stand at the back of the classroom with her hands behind her back.”She stood for more than ten minutes, the teacher began to hand out activity cards, other children went to line up, Nini still stood alone behind did not go, and then the scene in the video happened, she pointed at Nini, and then other children around nini pulled her hair.”Zhang worries that such behavior will cause nini psychological damage.Police will further investigate on March 28, the reporter called the head of the kindergarten involved, asked whether the teacher had instigated students to pull Nini behavior, the other phone hung up.Reporters dial the kindergarten public enrollment phone, as of press, failed to connect.Ms. Zhang told reporters that before shiyan City Maojian District education bureau preschool office staff told them that they will give psychological counseling program, and coordinate discussion of children’s follow-up enrollment.However, the district education bureau staff told reporters that all the work has not been implemented, inconvenient response.Ms. Zhang learned from the police, because the surveillance video has no sound, and the picture can not see the children’s specific movements, the police asked dozens of kindergarten children, some of them said the teacher instigated, and some said they did not know.Therefore, they believe that the testimony of the children alone is not enough to determine whether the teachers involved have committed illegal acts, and will further investigate.On March 28, police at Renmin Road police station in Shiyan city said, “Our leaders have been paying attention to this matter and have dealt with it.”Source: CCTV net comprehensive cover news