Royal princesses watch, leonor is cheerful, and Estella is up to the pranksters

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Football is a passionate game and watching it is an absolute feast for the eyes.The royal children are a perfect example of how their body language reflects each person’s personality.So how do the royal princesses react when they watch football?Check it out today.Today is very like to watch the game, the king felipe leisure may even go there with a baby daughter, princess Sophia in childhood was with his father go to watch a real Madrid game, princess Sophia’s mind is not in the game itself, however, see the fans applauding although also can follow the input, but more often she is quiet,She spent most of her time watching the game and listening to him talk to her.The only time I smiled was when I took a photo with the Real Madrid players at the end.Therefore, IT can be seen that Princess Sophia is an introverted, quiet and lovely girl.As for her sister Princess Leonor is not the same, watching the game not only with relish, with the king’s father also talked passionately, so clever small cotton-padded jacket and which old father can not like it, so Princess Leonor’s lively and cheerful personality is really a lot of points for her.It’s up to Princess Estela of Sweden to show off her quirky side, even though she and her father prince Daniel weren’t at a soccer match.Like Spain’s Princess Leonor, she may one day be queen, but she is still a child.Even with dad to see game, sleepy slept in his father’s arms, as for not polite in public, estelle princess can ignore these, from the perspective of a prince Daniel that face smile, just know how much the little princess loved, have to say that these little princess who is really good, especially the princess princess leonor and estelle, after all is to be the queen’s,There are very love their parents, everyone envy?