Snow Beer annual passionate speech: New world, new world, new development

2022-07-17 0 By

After a century of hard work, the Chinese nation has achieved a remarkable transformation: it has stood up, grown rich, and become strong.China’s beer industry is no exception.The new world of Snow beer has arrived.Whether we can be the masters of the new world of beer depends on the understanding of the new world and the understanding of the old world. It depends on where to choose, where to stand and where to go.At the end of 2021, Hou Xiaohai, general manager, first proposed the theory of “becoming the leader of the new world of beer”.How will Snow Beer, which is moving towards high-end, create the Chinese model of high-end beer and build a world-class beer enterprise?”We are not only good at destroying an old world, we are also good at building a new world.”This new world is a whole new world from the past.Whether we can be the masters of the new world of beer depends on the cognition of the old world, depends on the grasp of the new world, depends on where we stand, where we choose, where we go.In the era of “great changes unseen in a century”, the beer industry followed the national changes, from the old world into the new world.The old world of beer industry was an era of many companies but small and scattered, many brands and many products;It was an era of rapid capacity growth, rapid mergers and acquisitions, huge product abundance, extreme cheapness, extreme simplicity of packaging, universal taste, and shirtless drinking on the street.Is the era dominated by mass consumption, is an era of scale development.In the old world of beer, snow Beer has grown from one factory in northeast China to 98 factories in China through more than ten years of efforts, and has become the no.1 beer brand in China. Behind this is a profound understanding of the laws and rules of the old world of beer — capital driven, rapid expansion and integrated development.In terms of industrial development mode, Snow Beer has developed into a national brand and become the first in China in more than ten years.The secret of Making Snow Beer the first in China lies in the excellent management team, the strength of capital, and the successful combination of capital and people.In 2014, the internal and external environment of the industry changed qualitatively, and the beer industry began to enter the era of quality development, instead of large-scale and extensive development.Good brand, good product, good model, good management, good quality is the most clear characteristics of this era.This is a typical embodiment of the national high-quality development strategy in the beer industry under the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.As the industry enters the new world of beer, snowflake beer team is required to change accordingly. They cannot do the things of the old world in the new world, nor can they do new things in the new world with the old world thinking.China’s rise is our greatest strength and strongest support in the new era of profound changes.Chinese Snow beer enterprises are bound to enter a greater era of prosperity, but also to enter the center of the world beer stage.China’s rise, China’s snow beer industry chain, will eventually rise with the rise of China.Snow beer should get out of the mistakes of the old world and move towards the light of the new world. It should see the characteristics of the new world, understand the new requirements of the new world for itself, and strengthen the determination and confidence of high-end to win.The rise of China will also be better because of the rise of China’s beer industry chain.