“Spring Walking grassroots” high platform: “flowers” to welcome the New Year

2022-07-17 0 By

With the improvement of living standards, New Year’s goods are not limited to eating and drinking and wearing, festive flowers have become a must for decorating the home and creating an atmosphere for the New Year.These days, my county flower market continues to heat up.Came to the sequoia sparrow green company flower greenhouse, fresh flowers, green green tender, bursts of fragrance diffuse in the air, customers appreciate inquiry, carefully selected, workers busy packing boxes shipped.Redwood sparrow greening engineering Co., LTD. Director Zhao Zhihua: “come to see flowers buy flowers more and more customers, in order to meet the needs of the public festival, we have entered more than 10 varieties of flowers, go better.”Reporters in the city part of the flower shop to see, all kinds of festive gorgeous flowers on the shelves, to buy an endless stream of citizens.In addition to traditional flowers such as Holly, anacarpus and azalea, colorful phalaenopsis, silver willow and rich seeds have also become the “new favorites” of citizens.”Buying potted flowers and placing them at home can beautify the family environment and purify the air, making people feel better and adding to the festive atmosphere,” said Xuqin.Many flower shops have realized the simultaneous promotion of online and offline sales through the form of network broadcast.Flower shop owner Hu Xiaochun said, “The sales of green plants, bonsai and imitation flowers have increased by four to five times than usual. Online orders in our shop have also been sold in the past few days through short live videos.”(Reporter: Chen Da)