The two defendants were ordered to pay 300,000 yuan in public damages for building websites to sell information on minors

2022-07-17 0 By

Two defendants were ordered to pay 300,000 yuan in compensation for the infringement of social and public interests, which will be used as a special fund to protect the rights and interests of minors, according to the first trial of a public interest lawsuit filed by the Gongshu District Procuratorate in Hangzhou.From March 2020, Xiao and Deng registered new accounts without real names using the mobile phone numbers provided by illegal card merchants and sold them for profit through chat tools.Xiao is responsible for the purchase of platform source code and other people’s personal information, Deng is responsible for the registration of the establishment of a network studio, build a website, the sale of real-name Alipay accounts and other people’s names, id numbers and other citizens’ personal information.In addition to their shop, there are more than 200 other shops on the site that sell and sell citizens’ personal information, with Xiao and others charging service fees.In less than six months, the website sold more than 960,000 pieces of citizens’ personal information, including more than 950,000 pieces of minors’ personal information, with sales of more than 470,000 yuan.In March 2021, Xiao mou, Deng xx for suspected infringement of citizens’ personal information was prosecuted by the Gongshu District Procuratorate, were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of four years and three months and fined 110,000 yuan, four years and fined 60,000 yuan.Prosecutors in handling the criminal case found that there was still harm to the legitimate rights and interests of unspecified minors, as the public interest litigation petitioner to file a civil public interest lawsuit.A few days ago, the court ordered Xiao and Deng to pay 300, 000 yuan in compensation for damages to the public interest and issued an apology in state media.It is understood that gongshu district procuratorate to special fund in the form of escrow damages for minors network protection and other public welfare undertakings.