DNF: The difference between the two weapons in the new version has been calculated!By that much!

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Hanbok magazine column content are based on the perspective of Hanbok, for reference only!Hanbok magazine column content are based on hanbok perspective, for reference only!Hanbok magazine column content are based on hanbok perspective, for reference only!1) This paper is not a precise calculation form based on strict data. 2) Since the new damage calculation formula is not disclosed, it is assumed to be an additive and linear growth form.Although in the case of high grade attribute, it will reduce a certain amount of growth, but the multiplier attribute has other technical attack attribute, so it is preset to add the form of big difference.Linear growth should also be the best calculation of efficiency in this form.However, if it is not linear and set in the form of logarithmic function, its damage growth rate will be lower when it grows to a high level, which will greatly reduce its growth value. Therefore, the linear growth model is adopted this time.3) The equipment level is calculated based on level 61. Since there are descriptions of items in the jacket/bracelet/earring parts, it is assumed that the equipment level can exceed level 61.4) As the information publicly available is limited and may be subject to further adjustment when it is actually updated, it is again emphasized as a reference only.1. The calculation of root weapon is shown in the case of damage bonus of root weapon on the official website.Since there is no damage bonus for level 1, we need to reverse it. This part was done by calculator author Dawnclass, thank you for that. But in this reverse calculation, every 10 levels, 93 is added, which I have checked to be 94.It turns out that the root weapon’s level 1 damage bonus is 3124 attributes based on a level 1 total of 1248.In addition, the entry for 3 and 4 attributes is meaningless, so the exception entry 1 is 10% attack, and entry 2 is 15% after the addition of the three Senses initiative. When multiplied by the two, the difference between the base bonus of the root weapon and the final battle weapon is 126.5%. In this case, the final battle weapon needs to have more than 1234 damage bonuses.And a skill bonus of 26.5% or more to surpass the root weapon.In addition, the gap can be further narrowed if the weapon is changed when releasing the three Senses initiative. For ease of calculation, this time the skill bonus is 25%.2. Total damage calculation by referred to in the preceding paragraph, the root weapons each attribute level 1 benchmark for 312, but not limited to, weapons, magazine published in grade 1 part of the armor bonus damage are lower than other parts, it seems not to give special treatment to some parts of the equipment, because of the weapon skill bonus to attack even higher, and given the relatively low damage.Therefore, in this calculation, all parts of the level 61 damage bonus is regarded as the same level, according to the previous inverse formula, the root weapon level 61 single attribute damage bonus value is 1656. (every 3 level cycle =8+15+16=39, level 61 *20=780, an additional 94 for every 10 levels, counted 6 times – >;At this time, the sum of the 4 attributes adds up to 6,624, and the 12 attributes add up to 7,9488.In fact, according to the press release, mythic single parts are at the same level or even higher than the maximum level 105 epic gear, so get 80000 up.Conveniently, level 1 benchmark about 12 items combined in 300003. The battle weapon damage has been opened by the poor 1) male street fighter weapons, the highest level 1 bonus for male street fighter early damage amount to 3972, 2724, however, relatively much more Yu Genyuan weapons, according to the published information with the equipment level, its bonus damage quantity will increase,The question is how much weight 2724 has in the 61-level benchmark.Based on the above 80000 benchmark, 2724 is 3.4% increased, that is to say, at this time, the root weapon efficiency is 125%, and the decisive battle efficiency is 103.4%..In addition, the weapon has only 3 damage increases.In addition, since the maximum stack number of abnormal states applicable to mad Lord’s CD reduction is 3, its CD reduction is 30%/ cooling efficiency is 42.9%. At this point, it needs a 43% increase in The single Lord’s CD reduction to be converted into 20.9% increase in damage efficiency, while it needs a 48% increase in the original weapon compared to mad Lord’s.As far as I can tell, this 48% increase is a pretty high requirement, and it doesn’t have a stone shield, so how do you stack it up?In fact, items with a cooldown bonus generally follow the rule that damage: Cooldown =1:2…(1,2, and 4 are functional terms, so they are not to be considered) +) For the sake of understanding, add an additional level 1 base calculation. Suppose that the final battle weapon has a higher damage bonus growth than the root weapon, then start from the level 1 base again?At this point, according to the base gap, when the increase is increased by about 200% to 9.1%, there is still a gap of 14.5%, that is to say, it needs to meet the single skill 34% increase to level.2) Berserker Berserker this is generally considered the most practical. Without further ado, if we look at the damage bonus, it is 3,036, which is 1,788 more than the root weapon.That translates to a 2.2% increase in damage, and the 2 abilities do +44% damage, which translates to 22.3%. Compared to the root weapon, the skill increase is +51%.These two skills still require a 50% increase when switching weapons is included.The 51% single-skill improvement rate is generally difficult to achieve without taking into account weapon switching.However, it seems that there are quite a few of the level 105 inheritable attributes that can be used, and if you invest heavily, it’s not impossible…?However, even if this is possible, it depends on whether you can satisfy only one skill or both.+) As usual, do the double and double calculation again, and if you count the 6% increase, the difference between the two skills is 18%. In this case, you only need a 41% increase for a single skill.Does it feel like it’s working all of a sudden?But that doesn’t include passive punishment…?1) No matter what occupation, the choice of decisive battle weapons, can well meet the actual combat performance needs.2) If you have other 105 items besides weapons, it is better to put them in your calculator than to leave them alone.3) If someone feels that the skill is highly improved after doing this, there is a 90% chance that it is not because the skill is highly improved, but because it takes a bonus from another skill.Conclusion) It is the adventurer’s freedom to choose which weapon to use, and it is my freedom not to choose which weapon to use.