Li Qi had a ciba, do you know its origin?

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Article: Sun Ying plum seven stopped more three months, we still remember her zi ba situation?In October 2020, In her old house, Li Qi was pounding glutinous rice with a mallet, turning the glutinous rice from granular to sticky.Then you take them out, you slice them into strips, you fry them in oil, you put them on a plate, you sprinkle them with your own soy flour, and then you pour them with your own red syrup.Many people may find it strange to see her pounding glutinous rice into stone mortar.But actually, this was a common situation in the south in the past, and every family would have their own ciba.Because now many people do not have stone mortar, plus it is more difficult to fight.So, most people can only buy ciba to eat.Although, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spring Festival in these two years has become a little different.However, how could thousands of years of Chinese New Year feelings disappear because of the epidemic?On this occasion of ringing out the old year and ushering in the new, let’s take a look at the traditions of glutinous rice cake to send our best wishes for your Spring Festival.Speaking of The Spring Festival, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?The first thing that comes to mind in the north is dumplings.For southerners, ciba is a complex that can’t be avoided.In the twelfth lunar month, people begin to “kill pig, do rice wine, glutinous rice cake, pickled meat”.Zi ba’s history can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods.Legend when Wu Zixu defected to the State of Wu, reuse.He made great achievements in the state of Wu and led his troops to defeat the state of Chu.Fearing that the king of Wu would be “happy and forget sorrow”, he came up with an idea when building the famous “Helu Great City”. He steamed glutinous rice and pressed it into bricks to make a wall base, so as to store up emergency food for wu.Later, Gou Jian, king of Yue, invaded the state of Wu and besieged the capital of wu.It was the end of the year, and the city suffered from food shortages for some time. Many people died of hunger.At this time, the people of the State of Wu remembered Wu Zixu’s words, dug three feet, and found the wall brick made of glutinous rice.Therefore, we dug out the glutinous rice bricks, broke them into small pieces, steamed and cooked to eat, and solved the food shortage crisis at a stroke.Later, in Wuyue area, people used glutinous rice to make glutinous rice cakes to commemorate Wu Zixu.Slowly, in the south of China, many areas have the tradition of ciba, such as Fujian, Jiangxi, Guizhou, Guangdong, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei and other places.In Sichuan, most zi ba is on Mid-Autumn Festival.The brown sugar zi ba in Chongqing, with the rise of Chongqing hotpot, fire all over the north and south.Some northern areas also have zi ba.During the New Year, people will make glutinous rice cakes by themselves to entertain guests, such as in Henan and Shaanxi provinces, and Xinyang zi ba is very famous.Korean popular rice cake, in fact, is called different, the essence is the same.Ciba not only has a long history, as a traditional food, ciba in today’s society, is carried forward by people.Although the finished products vary from glutinous rice cake to glutinous rice cake, the basic approach is the same.First of all, soak the glutinous rice in water overnight and take out a few rice grains. If you can crush them easily with your hands, it means that the rice is ready.After the water is filtered and steamed, we get the glistening glutinous rice.Then, while it is still hot, the glutinous rice is put into a stone mortar. One person pings it quickly with a smooth wooden pestle, while another turns it over from time to time.To play zi ba is to play while hot, slow, glutinous rice cold, it is difficult to play out.Finally, you can’t see the rice grains, glutinous rice becomes sticky, not scattered, zi ba is played.I have experienced ciba in Both Jiangxi and Zhejiang, and the most impressive one is Jingning in Lishui, Zhejiang.Jingning is a She autonomous county, where the zi ba called stone mortar on rice cake.A person puts the steamed glutinous rice into a stone mortar, steps on a long wooden stick, and drives the wooden pestle to pound the rice cake.A man next to him, while the pestle was raised, turned it over quickly.Coordination needs to be very good.In the process of beating, the toughness of the glutinous rice comes out.Hit a good ciba, the whole into a soft and tough group.Once the mallet is removed, it will bring out the sticky piece.We don’t have to worry about being too sticky, we just need water to get it out.During the whole process, the air is filled with the fragrance of glutinous rice, which makes the onlookers salivate.Just played a good ciba, still slightly steaming, flexible white, a bite of strength elastic.Happiness, also in the next zi ba sound, quietly came to our hearts.How to eat a good zi ba?It varies from place to place.Enshi, Hubei province, used to make glutinous rice cake to dry.When eaten, slices are deep-fried and doused with red syrup and sprinkled with cooked soybean flour.Li Qi’s brown sugar ciba is just like this.With the popularity of Chongqing hotpot, when it comes to the brown sugar zi ba, we have a relatively high degree of recognition.More areas, like to play a good zi ba, rub into a small ball, wrapped in soybean powder, black sesame powder or red bean powder, which can also be mixed with sesame, peanut chips, so that the level of eating up more rich.There are areas, the zi ba on the panel covered with powder, roll into a big cake, and then cut to eat.Those dips, one is to enhance the taste, and two is anti-stick, which makes the glutinous rice cake fragrant and sweet, but not sticky hands.In winter in Western Hunan, it is cold and damp. In the past, many people would burn stoves to keep warm.As a result, people invented a memorable way to eat it, that is, glutinous rice cake.The zi ba on the charcoal fire slowly baking, baking time to pay attention to the fire hou.If the fire gets too hot, the outside will burn, but the inside will still be hard.We’re going to keep turning it so that it’s heated evenly on both sides.As they slowly bake, time slips away.Warm fire, sweet glutinous rice cake, in this double enjoyment, the bleak day, seems to have more poetic.When it comes to zi ba, Marshal Chen Yi has some interesting words, can not be mentioned.Marshal Chen Yi loved reading when he was young.Once in a relative’s home, see a book that has always wanted to read, will forget eating and sleeping to read up.When it was time to eat, relatives called him along while also called motionless, had to give him a bowl of glutinous rice cake and a bowl of sugar.After a while, when the relative came back, he was still absorbed in reading, but his mouth was full of ink.Originally, Chen Yi was too absorbed in reading, picked up the zi ba did not see, originally dipped in sugar to eat, but dipped in ink to eat.Relatives could not help laughing.Young Chen Yi said humorously, “Then I will have ink in my stomach.”Different places have different wisdom about zi ba.Similarly, eating zi ba has become a kind of culture, integrated into our blood.Although, because of the practice and shelf life, zi ba has not become as popular as moon cakes and zongzi across the country.However, because of the relatively small minority, those who are far away from home will miss the taste of home especially when the New Year comes.After pound zi ba, into a large group, eat, and be rubbed into a small ball.It is actually a symbol of reunion, and those sweet dipping sauce and red syrup also place people’s expectation of sweet life.We like zi ba, because although it is simple, but can be sweet or salty or sour or spicy, tolerance is very high.In addition, ciba is very flexible and flexible, which is one of the reasons we like it.For example, the Chinese people, with a civilization of 5,000 years, are both united and tenacious. Despite the vicissitudes of time, they still have the spirit of embracing all rivers and creating the brilliant Chinese civilization.This spiritual strength has become something in the bones of the Chinese people, passed down from generation to generation.This is probably the reason why ciba has been passed down for thousands of years.Zi ba is not only a kind of delicious food, but also a hope for a better life!Point to see, I wish you and I can family reunion, happiness and well-being!