She refused to have sex with her husband. After her husband fell ill, she said, “I am not a cleaning woman, but I only serve you.

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China had more than two thousand years of feudal rule, and the idea of male superiority was deeply rooted in the people at that time.Until the Republic of China, child brides and arranged marriages “arranged by parents’ orders and matchmakers” were common.At that time, young men and women did not have the right to choose free love, which also led to many old couples unhappy marriage.Life is without faults.Even Su Xuelin, known as one of the five talented women of the Republic of China, could not be the master of her lifelong event, and her marriage life was full of frustrations.She was forced to marry the man she had engaged to in childhood, and after marriage they shared a room.Her husband had stomach trouble and asked her to cook soup.She said, I am a new era of women, not your mother, specializing in serving you.Born in 1897 to an official’s family in Ruian County, Zhejiang Province, Su Xuelin can trace her ancestry back to Su Xun, one of the “eight Masters of the Tang and Song Dynasties” of the Northern Song Dynasty.She may have inherited the culture of her ancestors, and she was eager to learn from an early age.Although the elders of the family firmly believe that “a woman without talent is virtuous” in feudal times, but this can not stop Su Xuelin’s thirst for knowledge in books.Although Su Xuelin was young, she did not have the right to read like a boy in her family.However, unwilling to accept her fate, she often secretly followed her family’s boys to study in a private school, which was quickly blocked by her grandmother, who was poisoned by feudal thoughts.Su Xuelin had long been full of dissatisfaction with the big family of feudal decadence, rebellious she cried two make three hanged.The family finally compromised, su Xuelin can finally open and aboveboard private school.Although the teacher thought she would not need to take the exam, she did not spend much effort on her.But Su loves studying and works very hard. Her exam scores are higher than those of other boys in the school.Later, su xuelin’s family elders wanted to introduce her to a marriage, which she strongly objected to.By this time she was eighteen years old, had read a lot of books, wanted freedom of course she opposed arranged marriage.After this, Su Xuelin went to a normal school to audit, met lu Ying and other progressive students, but also did Lu Xun, Li Dazhao and other famous teachers of the high apprentice, began to contact progressive thought.When she was 24, she told her parents the day before she left to study in France.There’s not much her parents can do about it.She studied hard in France and tried to improve her literary literacy.In 1924 her family sent her a letter saying that her father had died and her mother was ill in bed.Filial Su Xuelin returns home without stopping, sick in bed parents let her marry Zhang Baoling.Having received advanced ideas in France, she was, of course, strongly opposed.But she saw her mother’s body was getting weaker and weaker, and she did not want her mother to be aggravated by her anger, so she agreed.Friends and family thought it was a match made in heaven, but it caused them a lifetime of pain.Her mother’s motive, of course, was not to harm her own children.Her mother is looking for a rich husband, Zhang Baoling is also a foreign student, from a privileged family he studied in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.Both of them are highly knowledgeable, and well-matched, and should be said to be very happy.While Su xuelin is a romantic liberal arts student, Zhang Baoling is a straight-forward science and engineering man.As I recall, Su Xuelin said the moon was round, while Zhang Baoling said drawing with compasses was more round.This makes the longing for love can bring her romance Su Xuelin, lost the attraction of marriage life.The two did not sleep in one room for long, they slept in separate rooms, since then “living together in different bedrooms.”Zhang Baoling may not know much about romance, but he has a unique way of showing his love, and he is trying to save his marriage.In order to let his wife get rid of homesickness, he learned the dialect of his wife’s hometown, let his wife happy.But Su xuelin thinks her husband is not romantic and bad for her.But Zhang baoling’s students like their teachers, and Zhang gets along well with her colleagues.Su xuelin was too opinionated and full of prejudice against her husband. She could not see the good qualities of her husband and was unwilling to care for and love him.The husband later got a stomach bug and wanted a bowl of soup.Su Xuelin, however, said that he had received advanced ideological education, will not take care of you.Such selfish words, let Zhang Baoling completely chill.He decided to give his wife a spacious room, working overtime until late at night, in order to reduce the time with his wife.Despite their many estrangements, they have never divorced and may still have warm feelings for each other.In 1930 su Xuelin left the city because of her job transfer.Two people begin to live apart as long as 36 years formally, after two people live apart, few contact, the marriage of two people is dead in name only.▶ Their separation lasted for more than 30 years. Su xuelin reluctantly accepted an arranged marriage, which brought a lifetime of pain to both of them.They have been married for 36 years, but have been together for only four years.Their only four years of marriage were devoid of love.Because they did not have children, and did not divorce, so can not bear the loneliness of the two, each adopted a child.After Su Xuelin moved to Taiwan, they exchanged letters at the beginning, but slowly cut off contact.When Su Xuelin heard about her husband, they were separated.When she learned that Zhang Baoling died in Beijing, she lay at her desk until midnight in a daze.Later, in the mainland nephew, in the letter about zhang Baoling’s life story.There is such a touching incident: when Zhang Baoling was ill in bed, his nephew’s daughter-in-law was going to open an old scarf and knit a sweater for him.He said it was the only gift his aunt had left, and he wanted to treasure it.He loved his wife silently all his life, because he felt he could not give her the love she wanted.After reading the letter, Su was inconsolable.’I regretted depriving him of a happy married life and leaving him to die alone,’ she wrote in her memoir.Su Xuelin hated her husband’s straightness and incomprehension of romance, but she never remarried.Zhang Baoling cannot understand wife’s romance, also cannot get wife’s heart from beginning to end.He is full of humbled and helpless, can only fulfill his wife away.On April 10, 1999, Su Xuelin passed away in Taipei at the age of 102.In the end, the two were not buried together, and their lives were bleak and they did not experience much happiness.