Viola director: the sale of Vlahovic is a mirror of modern football, emotion is no match for gold

2022-07-18 0 By

Fiorentina’s decision to sell Miriam vlahovic to Juventus has caused a stir among fiorentina fans.Fiorentina sporting director Roberto Prade spoke to Football Money about the deal.”The sale of Vlahovic is a mirror of modern football and it reflects a lot of things,” prade said.Hopefully, some things will change from now on.I understand the fans’ feelings, but football now is not just about emotional accumulation, we also need to think about budget and things like that.For a club like ours, we can’t live on emotion alone.To achieve something and inspire ambition, we can’t just rely on one player.”Chairman Comisso’s tantrum?I fully understand his disappointment, but trust us, all of us will do our best to bring his passion back.We are all moving on and comisso knew at the winter window that from the club’s point of view it was impossible to refuse to sell Vlahovic.Now we just have to get stronger and then work hard, stay loyal, win as many games as we can and get the trust of the fans back.”(Iron fist)