Wuling District fu Ping street to carry out visits to show true feelings

2022-07-18 0 By

Visit and sympathize.Visit and sympathize.On January 25th, Chen Duanting, director of Fuping Sub-district office in Wuling district, visited the former dormitory residents of general machinery factory and sent them rice, oil and Spring Festival couplets to express the New Year’s greetings.Chen Duan d. a line to extremely needy Liao Chuanming home, had an informal discussion with some residents representative, understand the general dormitory residents’ life, and encourage them to have confidence in life, to the present housing problem, the community has many contact cohesion superior departments, will adopt the way of “government + residents self-raised” for oneself to build to build housing,To improve the living environment of the residents.Chen duanting hopes that residents attach great importance to fire safety in the dormitory area, use appliances and gas correctly, eliminate safety risks, so that people in the area have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. Residents expressed their gratitude to the Party and the government for their care.Through this visit, warm the hearts of families in need, close the distance between the community and the majority of residents, enhance the cohesion of grassroots Party organizations, let them feel the warmth.