Life should be subtracted so that we can find the true self

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Our life is always in addition, want this, want that, we have more and more things, we want more and more, and eventually we lose ourselves in the desire.Life should be subtracted, let their own things less and less, less and less desire, we can find the true self.In my opinion, I should tidy my room once a day. To tidy my room is to tidy my heart. Action will bring spiritual change.”Zhu Zi family instructions” said, get up at dawn, sweep the house, to clean inside and outside.That’s a lot of wisdom.Every single thing takes up a space. Recognize that not only things have value, but space has value, too, and it takes up more value than this useless thing.It is the same with thoughts. When you organize your thoughts, throw away useless thoughts. Don’t let those useless thoughts occupy your precious thought space.You’ll feel refreshed when there’s no extra stuff in your room.When you have no extra thoughts in your head, you have a feeling of clarity.Goethe said that the greatest human sin is to be unhappy.How to make yourself happy, is to let yourself enjoy the best, let yourself use less and good things, so that their taste will continue to improve.The room we live in is an extension of our own mind.If we compare a person to a country, the heart is our capital, and the room is the territory around the capital.The capital would certainly benefit if we kept all the surrounding territories in order.Every day when tidying up your room, you should constantly throw away useless things. With fewer and fewer things around you, you can gradually take control of the things you own, and make your room from a “cluttered warehouse” to a “tidy place”.The article of your room is equal to your friend actually, the friend is not more better, the friend depends on essence and be not much, article also is such.If you have a lot of friends, you will get tired of dealing with them, you will forget to keep in touch with them, many worthless friends waste your time, and many valuable friends lack time to communicate.The same goes for objects. A lot of useless objects take up a lot of space and attention, and a lot of good things get put out of sight and can’t be found when you use them.Too many ideas will let oneself lost, too many items will let oneself irritable.So, set aside a little time each day to clear your mind and meditate.Today’s society is a society with excessive material abundance, which brings more pressure, redundancy and encumbrance than pleasure.Reduce things, reduce thoughts, is to reduce their own stress, is to reduce their own interference.80 percent of the things around us can be thrown away, 80 percent of the thoughts in our minds can be thrown away, 80 percent of our relationships can be thrown away.If you think about it, it costs more not to throw things away than it does to throw things away.A painting can’t become a famous one if it is painted closely without leaving blank space.Famous paintings are often just a few strokes, more are blank space.Painting is about white space, life is about minimalism.