Spring Festival gala star behind-the-scenes fun: Deng Chao sewing pants, Shen Teng love to cry, Jia Naeliang mother did not let him go home

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This year’s Spring Festival Gala star performance is very good: Deng Chao through song and dance program harvest “social talent” title, Shen Teng although many slips of the tongue, but the ability to cope was praised, Liu Tao was just invited to stage with the magic show, but accidentally show the elegant temperament of the host.But when we got to the stage, when we got back to the real world, it was like a different person, and a lot of fun happened.To say the most hilarious program of the Spring Festival Gala, the song “Sense of The Times” by Deng Chao, Li Yuchun and Yi Yangqianxi belongs to it.Deng Chao and the other two just like in two stages, while quietly singing, while dancing, netizens are straight call: super brother too top.Speaking of Deng Chao is not wearing a tracksuit, but a well-fitting suit, he is not afraid of too much movement to collapse?He explained later.Many years ago, Deng Chao staged a green flower in Taiwan, just after coming to power, did not turn two, trousers line fried, but he thought it was an accidental situation, and did not attract attention, so later on stage performance, and had similar situation.This Spring Festival Gala, he thought of this thing, after a few rehearsals, they decided to encrypt a trouser line, we understand this, no wonder Deng Chao can jump so freely, the original confidence in this.In addition, during the whole rehearsal, Sun Li is very strict supervision of Deng Chao’s weight, even the day before the performance, still told him: control weight.As a result, Deng Chao looks very obedient, in fact he arrived at the Spring Festival Gala the first day of the crew found the crew’s lunch box is really sweet, so often could not help but eat two boxes every time, I do not know “empress” know how to do after?02 Shen Teng rehearsal tears, want to see a doctor this time Shen Teng and Ma Li’s sketch, also brought a lot of laughter to the audience, but this pair of partners and as before, nervous up will inevitably have a little mistake, but two people with a tacit understanding, let a lot of people did not see.This thought all day long in the stage lele ha Ha of them, in the audience also bring their own sense of humor, go where can amuse people around, did not think of is, Ma Li and Shen Teng cry in the audience.Rehearsals, hear chang Yuan sing “friends”, Ma Li tears came out, there was a little embarrassed, the results a look back to see Shen Teng is also crying, she asked: “Teng Elder brother, you also cry?”Shen Teng opens a mouth to blame her: “you cry cry by, see me stem what?”This happened more than once or twice when we rehearsed privately, which led to Ma Li and Shen Teng wondering whether there was something wrong with their bodies and how they often cried, and they even joked that they wanted to see a doctor.03 Gike Junyi want to do manicure booths in the background of the Spring Festival gala backstage but very lively, we rehearse rehearsal, makeup makeup, then Gike Junyi remembered his good business.She is also a big fan of grooming, and many times she gives other celebrities manicures, so people asked her if the idea ever came up.Gike Junyi grievance said, everyone is too busy, estimated no business, maybe she stands in the door, those who take photos at the door will find her to do, but that is the cold wind to do nail, think all shivering.Once again asked about the number of times to participate in the Spring Festival Gala, the original very confident Jikejunyi suddenly a little unconfident, she said: “the fourth Spring Festival Gala, lost to Wang Yuan!”What’s going on here?”I have been on the Spring Festival Gala for the fourth time,” gike junyi was very proud when Wang walked by and whispered, “For the seventh time!”So Jike Junyi will write down this “enemy”, no longer want to show off, and even a little discouraged: “I exceed him ah, Spring Festival gala can not be held twice a year!”I have to say, Gik Junyi is realistic enough on camera.Since Zhao Liying was photographed appearing in the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal scene, many people are looking forward to her program, some hope is singing and dancing, some hope is a sketch, some hope is magic.And Zhao Liying himself is also clear, we may want her to perform magic, but when it comes to the reason, the idea is very strange.Zhao liying said: because this is the hardest for me, they just want to see me laugh.If is really arranged to the magic show, Zhao Liying said he would be the most with the kind of, in her heart, she felt magic is really magical.But even if it is singing, she also revealed in the audience and the stage before the character is not the same, Yu Kewei and Zhao Liying cooperation rehearsal feel she is very lovely, whether it is speech or state, are very small girl’s feeling.MAO Xiaotong memorized Zhao Lirong’s lines thoroughly thought that MAO Xiaotong was such a young and beautiful big beauty, in the Spring Festival Gala program, more like singing and dancing.Did not expect in her heart, childhood see Zhao Lirong’s sketches are unforgettable.However, for many people, after so many years, even if they remember a certain sketch, at best, they can remember the general content and a few representative words: for example, Zhao Benshan and Song Dandan’s “white clouds and black earth”, “egg-laying cock”…And MAO Xiaotong this imitation, that is really let everyone sit up and take notice, Zhao Lirong a large part of the lines, she almost no jam, a word is not the ground on the back down, but also said: I don’t know why back so familiar.It seems that MAO Xiaotong is really suitable to be an actor, back lines can be really good.06 Song Qian mother ran an empty, ying felt “pie from the sky” for artists, to be able to board the Spring Festival Gala, is recognized by the industry, is a privilege.So when ying received an invitation, she suddenly had a kind of “pie in the sky” feeling, even dream will dream in rehearsal.And Song Qian is because the Spring Festival Gala let her mother ran empty, soon after the New Year’s Eve is Song Qian’s birthday, and Song Qian is still in the group shooting, so her mother specially went to the cast to accompany her for the New Year.As a result, Song Qian was invited to the Spring Festival Gala, and finally her mother stayed in the cast for 30 years.Many people did not expect that, such an all-round player, Jia Nailiang was the first time on the Spring Festival Gala, not only he was excited, Jia’s mother was more excited.After hearing this news, my mother told Jia Nailiang directly: You go to the Spring Festival Gala, don’t come back!”I don’t have so many programs,” Jia said helplessly.In fact, the elders of the family most hope for family reunion during the holidays, but Jia’s mother can say this, it can be seen that her support for her son’s career.And Jia Nailiang also did not hide their pride and excitement, rehearsals often palms sweat, when boarded the Spring Festival Gala stage that moment, even think of their own childhood, with mom and dad, grandparents sitting in front of the TV watching the Spring Festival Gala, did not expect that now they can stand on the dream stage.This year’s Spring Festival Gala, the audience really feel the program group, performing guests of the intentions of the place, it seems that behind this, we are really paid a hundred percent effort.