Transportation departments to science and technology escort winter Olympics Travel safety

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Beijing, February 4 (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Zhao Limei) Today, the reporter learned from The State Council joint prevention and control mechanism of the Spring Festival travel rush work special class, the 19th day of the Spring Festival travel rush, the country is expected to send 20.14 million passengers.Among them, 4.8 million passengers are expected to be transported by railway, 14 million by road, 480,000 by water and 860,000 by civil aviation.The estimated traffic volume of expressways nationwide is 35.4840 million.Delay high speed is the main road in Beijing connected zhangjiakou worship ceremony conference, hebei traffic department based on “law enforcement of credit of qr code” innovation to expand the function of AI, through the “+” AI to quickly query demand information in time, effectively improve the road of the technological content of law enforcement, and the wide application of learning games knowledge, road protection production management, road traffic information, etc.Taking road production protection as an example, “AI+” is used to record road damage accidents, snow removal and snow protection, joint work linkage and other daily work, which greatly improves work efficiency.Law enforcement personnel patrol to The Beijing-Li Expressway Beijing direction K93+150, through “AI+” for road damage accident inquiry, 2 minutes on the repair of the road finished inspection, work efficiency increased by 30%.Jiangsu transportation department analyzed highway video data resources through intelligent analysis system of road network monitoring, timely and effectively relieved road congestion, and dealt with traffic emergencies.According to the characteristics of national road 328 two-way relatively closed management, flexible use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is stable, not restricted by terrain advantage, such as in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) road network safety inspections, and will inspect the real-time synchronization to road network dispatching center, greatly improve the efficiency of the network security patrol, in order to ensure the security of the road during the Spring Festival open provides the technical support.To continue to keep “illegal rule violations” high pressure situation, ensure the smooth road passenger transportation safety situation, sichuan traffic department have been supervised use of traffic law enforcement surveillance command system and the traffic police inspection system, the scene of the realization of law enforcement of real-time remote control at the same time, will find the suspicion of vehicle background monitoring precision, immediately inform pavement joint law enforcement to intercept check accurate law enforcement.At the same time, through online video inspection, off-site video evidence was obtained for the illegal loading behavior of the shift line vehicles outside the station around the Third Ring Road, and the company involved was informed to accept the investigation and treatment afterwards, thus realizing efficient law enforcement.Source: China Youth Daily client