We are the champions!Chinese women’s football desperate reversal, Shui Qingxia god, Chinese men’s football good look out for themselves

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Women’s Asian cup final, the Chinese women’s team VS south Korean women’s football, to be honest, the Chinese women’s team to be able to go to the Asian cup final stage, has moved a lot of fans, a two-time tied on Japan, penalty kicks out of Japan, and South Korea, South Korea’s two goals in the first half, but the Chinese women’s team in the second half to rely on excellent play Zhang Linyan, equalised soon,The game to the 3rd minute of added time, Wang Shanshan assist Xiao Yuyi single knife kill South Korea!In the end, China pulled off a super comeback and defeated South Korea 3-2 to win the Women’s Asian Cup trophy.Have to say, China women’s football coach Shui Qingxia really god!According to the reporter before the game, Wang Shuang came back from injury, as the Korean women’s soccer Newark, Wang Shuang’s timely return can really boost morale, but to be honest, Wang Shuang’s physical state makes people some worry.But the first half long attack under the circumstances, Shui Qingxia timely personnel adjustment, decisively replaced Wang Shuang, put on a younger impact more foot Zhang Linyan.This absolutely reflects a manager’s crucial moment of courage and the ability to improvise.And after Zhang Linyan plays, make kill machine twice, convert into goal!Shui qingxia has realized that the Korean women’s defenders are slow and lack some protection between the backcourt and midfielders, so sending Zhang Linyan into the opponent’s penalty area is the best option.Only 5 minutes into the game, Zhang Linyan took the ball inside, got rid of the defenders, right foot powerful volley, The South Korean women’s soccer player Lee Young-ju with his hand blocked, and then Tang Jiajia penalty shot!Only after 5 minutes, Tang Jiali on the right side of the formation of the ball points, rushed to the bottom line, under the bottom pick pass, the ball accurately find the back row inserted Zhang Linyan, a potential heavy header rushed to the top, China only used 5 minutes to successfully equalize the score!And then Zhang Linyan continued to play the role of perpetual motion machine, Gao Chen’s cross, Zhang Linyan decisively missed the front point, but after the point of Tang Jiali kicked fly.After playing from Zhang Linyan, the whole Chinese women’s football front field was completely activated!At the last moment, Xiao Yuyi’s single goal completely stunned the South Korean players. Perhaps they had never seen such a powerful Chinese women’s football team, which could not be beaten or dragged down, but fought to the last second!In the words of zhu Xiaogang, a journalist, The Chinese women’s football team is really tired, but until the last second, you can always trust the spirit of the women’s football team.Indeed, on a 120 minutes, and Japan fighting with a penalty shoot-out win over powerful Japan, today China normal time two lost the ball, the first goal is the opponent at counter-attack opportunity for a defense, the second is Yao Lingwei ground point, and in the ground offensive, the Chinese women’s team is not at a disadvantage, even said that most of the time, in the second halfThe Chinese women’s football team has been suppressing the South Korean team, the south Korean defensive line is extremely gun-shy.The most important thing is that when the South Korean women’s football team tried to defend, the Chinese women’s football team has been fighting hard, can be said to be on the offensive.When added in on the first day to the Chinese football fans, the women’s girls but again and again to surprise, break the spell of six year Japan, break the embarrassment of 14 years for Asian cup history, including the Tokyo Olympic Games before, the Chinese women’s team lost 3 battle-mad 17 balls, Gu Xiuquan guidance be put forefront, but only half a year, the Chinese women’s team to let a person find everything new and fresh!There must be current women’s football coach Shui Qingxia’s credit, of course, also inseparable from the support of Sun Wen.In the past half year, the Chinese women’s football team led by Shui Qingxia has found it difficult to get the favorable conditions like the Chinese men’s football team. Even the women’s football team did not have some bonus assessment for winning.But according to the “National Team with prize Competition Bonus Management Measures”, collective ball games, 70% can be extracted for the relevant coaches and athletes themselves, which means that the Chinese team this time, can get $700,000 bonus!This is an astronomical figure for Chinese women’s football team!Compared with the annual salary of ten million yuan of men’s football team, and the prize of winning a single match of more than six million yuan of men’s football team, women’s football team is very low in terms of income and attention.We look on this arduous journey all the way at the same time, the Chinese women’s football really should put yourself in for the women’s girls consider, whether they should get more attention on, whether they should get more sponsorship, they go away to play, let alone a five-star hotel, can you give them with a few professional chef?The spirit of Chinese women’s football team represented by sonorous rose is worth learning from men’s football team!Chinese women’s football team continue to come on, you are the best!