Baotou: Anti-japanese martyrs hall

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Name: Anti-japanese Martyrs Shrine Era: 1945 Category: Modern and important historical sites and representative buildings Location: Donghe District Level: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region key cultural relics protection units (the fourth batch, September 2006) Introduction: Located in donghe District Nanmenwai Street 65 west.In December 1939, in order to coordinate with the Anti-japanese battlefield in South China and contain the Japanese puppet forces around Zhangjiakou and Guisui (today’s Hohhot city), General Fu Zuoyi and his troops launched a surprise attack on Baotou. They fought fiercely for three days and night, killing more than 2,000 enemies and fulfilling the strategic task set.After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, in order to commemorate the heroic sacrifice of soldiers in Baotou Anti-Japanese War, the sun Yat-sen mausoleum in Nanjing style, built the anti-japanese heroes hall.The ancestral temple is a single brick and wood structure building, sitting on the west and east, with a single storey on top of the hill and three doors and two Windows on the front. It covers an area of over 300 square meters with five rooms 17.2 meters in width, four rooms 11.2 meters in depth and 15 meters in height.The hall was originally dedicated to the martyrs memorial tablet.In 2006, Baotou Haide Group invested in maintenance, and later transferred to baotou Cultural Relics Management Office, which was opened as the Museum of Baotou Anti-Japanese War history, and opened to the public in September 2015.Source:Memorial Tablet of The Heroes of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (Huang Xiang, May 2007) Memorial Tablet of the Heroes of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (Huang Xiang, July 2017) Memorial Hall of the Heroes of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (Huang Xiang, December 2020) Directory of the heroes in the Memorial Hall (Huang Xiang, July 2017) displayHuang Xiang, net name “Yinshan Little Bug”, Baotou local Culture research Center secretary general, Baotou Jiuyuan Museum director, Baotou cuisine restaurant industry Association vice president.Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, taste all kinds of taste.