Tatum 20+12 brown 29 celtics 30 over Heat

2022-07-20 0 By

The Boston Celtics outscored the Miami Heat 122-92 in the first quarter of the NBA regular season on Sunday, opening the season 21-7.Martin quickly stopped the bleeding with a 2-and-1, and the celtics scored back and forth to take a 13-point lead 27-14 in the first quarter.The second section, the two sides come up to play inextricably, the heat outside even three points once equalized the score!But Brown Exhibition City came out and scored five straight points to hold the tide!After another flurry of scoring, Smart and Tatum hit back-to-back threes to open the gap!The Celtics led by nine at halftime, 54-45.The Celtics opened the lead with an 8-2 run.The celtics went on another 7-0 run to extend their lead.A flurry of turnovers ended with Richardson making a 2-and-1 play to give the Celtics a 24-point lead, 94-70, after three quarters.The game was lost early.Martin had 14 points, Adebayor had 12, Vincent had 10 and nine assists and Stuart had 27. For the Celtics, Tatum had 20 points and 12 rebounds, Horford 14 and nine rebounds, Brown 29 points and Smart 16 and seven assists