The 4000 medical team from Meihekou will start again!To assist Changchun to carry out the “zero” operation

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The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.At 6 am on April 3, a 4,000-member medical team led by meihekou Municipal Committee of the People’s Republic of China (CPC) and mainly composed of medical professionals, took 100 buses to Changchun to carry out the “zero clearance” operation, full of deep affection for the people of Changchun and confidence in winning the battle against the epidemic.At about 10:20, the expressway reaches changchun South entrance.On the afternoon of April 2, after receiving instructions and orders from the Provincial Party Committee on the “zero clearance” action in Changchun Economic development Zone, Meihekou held a meeting to study and formulate a work plan, and mobilized organizations to implement it overnight, resolutely fighting and winning the battle against the epidemic in Changchun.The “Zero Clearance” action is divided into five war zones, with the party secretary and the mayor as the general command. Five war zones are divided around “four streets and one town” in The Economic development Zone of Changchun. Each war zone is led by three municipal leaders and 200 sampling teams led by the “head of the department”.195 communities, a total of 204,000 households were screened and tested.To register and sample by knocking on the door, each working group completes 200 households every day to ensure that no one is missed in the first round of detection and the warehouse is cleared to the bottom, and the basic information ledger of each household is established.At the same time of ensuring medical supplies in advance, the competent public security forces were transferred to implement the regional complete hard-core sealing control in the open area.Starting from April 3, the PLA will try its best to complete two rounds of accurate nucleic acid testing within three days, and realize the elimination of community meetings in The Changchun Economic and Trade Development Zone.”One chess game in the whole province, one Jilin family”.All members of the team have a “clear zero” operation map in their hearts before departure, and will be put into battle immediately after a short repair at noon today.Quick response, timely update the East Asia Economic and Trade news official micro blog with you to share the difficult times and pray for safety sources | Cailian news editor | Luna Review | Li Zhuang jiang Shuai