Early morning, Mercedes car zebra crossing knocked down two people!The police report

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In the early morning of February 12, a traffic accident occurred on Youzhuang Road in Kaili city. Two passers-by were hit and injured by a Mercedes car while crossing a zebra crossing, and kaili traffic police reported the accident.According to netizens on the scene, at 1:00 a.m., a Mercedes car with a foreign license plate galloping from the direction of The Wanbo Union Hospital ran to the zebra crossing behind jitai Hotel, and knocked down two pedestrians who were passing the zebra crossing directly into the opposite lane.Two passers-by were thrown into the opposite lane.Subsequently, Kaili traffic police and emergency personnel immediately to the scene for disposal, and the driver of the accident control.On the morning of February 12, Kaili Traffic police reported the accident: The report showed that at 0:45 on February 12, 2022, the command center of the Traffic police Brigade of Kaili Public Security Bureau received a report that a traffic accident occurred in Jitai Hotel section of Youzhuang Road, and there were injuries.After receiving the alarm, brigade command center immediately sent accident police to deal with.After investigation, the same morning, Tao mou (male, 36 years old, holding C1 driving license) driving Wan A****A small car along youzhuang road from the Union hospital to the direction of the stadium.0 41 xu, when the vehicle to you zhuang Road Jitai hotel section, the collision is through the sidewalk pedestrian Yang mou, Long xx, causing Yang mou, Long XX injury and vehicle damage;Police at the scene of the accident driver Tao breath alcohol test, test results suspected of drunk driving, its behavior has been suspected of dangerous driving.At present, Yang mou, long xx is receiving treatment in the state hospital, Tao mou has been controlled by the public security organs, the case is further investigation processing.Alert.Source: Liao Shanghai, guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter