Foreign Ministry: It is very dangerous to seek political gains by advocating confrontation and spreading false information

2022-07-21 0 By

International online report (reporter ran) : according to the western politicians criticized the Chinese Ukraine position and related comments of china-russia relations, foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin 16 responded that China advise related party to stop adding tension comments, by advocating this confrontation, spreading false information for political gain practice is immoral, is also very dangerous.According to reports, Australian Prime Minister Morrison recently criticized China’s stance on the Ukraine issue, and NATO secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also said that closer Ties between China and Russia threaten NATO security.Wang Wenbin foreign ministry spokesman said in a routine press conference on the 16th, in map led by the two heads of state between China and Russia, the two sides always insist in the non-aligned, do not fight, do not for a third country on the basis of the development of long-term good-neighborly friendship and mutually beneficial relations of cooperation, always adhere to in order to build mutual respect, fairness and justice, the win-win cooperation in the new international relations as the goal,China’s contribution to international and regional peace and development is there for all to see and beyond doubt.Wang wenbin stressed that the international community knows very well who is the real troublemaker and security threat in the world.”Any selfish attempt to blame others will not only hurt one’s own country and its people, but also the people of all countries in the world,” Wang said.Not only will the forces of justice in the world refuse to respond, they will eventually be abandoned by the trend of The Times.China calls for balanced and fair treatment of security concerns and initiatives of relevant countries, resolving differences through dialogue and consultation, and promoting global strategic balance and stability.”In addition, in view of the “invasion” by western media scramble to predict the so-called Russia Ukraine dates reported, Wang Wenbin points out, for days, the threat of war, make nervous air, Ukraine to domestic economic and social stability and people’s lives have serious impact, also added resistance for officials to promote dialogue and negotiation.”I have noticed that the Russian side said that the West has carried out ‘information terrorism’ on the Ukraine issue, and February 15 is the ‘Propaganda Failure Day of the US and the West’,” Wang said.It must be pointed out that it is some people in the US and the West who continue to incite and spread false information, adding more turbulence and uncertainty to the already challenging world and intensifying mistrust and division.We hope relevant parties stop such disinformation campaigns and do more for peace, mutual trust and cooperation.”