Rain today!Very “frozen”, go out to pay special attention to!

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The east wind thawed and scattered into rain.Such as light clouds covered the moon, like the wind back to snow.Overnight spring rain, thousands of beds as green.At 0:43 on February 19, we welcome “rain water”, one of the 24 solar terms.In the drizzle, a hint of hosta green under an oil-paper umbrella is a sign of the coming of spring, bringing infinite hope to people

Rain water is the second solar term in spring on February 19 or 20 of the Gregorian calendar, when the sun reaches 330 degrees, it enters the “rain water” solar term. It is the second solar term in the 24 solar terms and the second solar term in spring.”Rain” and “grain rain”, “light snow” and “heavy snow” are the same solar term for precipitation phenomenon, but it does not mean that the day will rain, but indicates that the warm and soft spring has quietly come.”Rain water” season, the temperature in most parts of China rises to above zero degrees Celsius, the frozen river gradually thaws, “seven nine rivers open, nine nine wild geese come”, spring breeze rain, moisten things silently, “rain” has therefore become full of life connotation of solar term.This wave of cold air can let Guangdong see snow in the rain season. Special attention should be paid to the “rain” season, the sunshine duration and intensity of the relative increase, the temperature rose quickly, but the active cold air did not stop. The cold air arrived in the north of Guangzhou yesterday afternoon and brought a drop in temperature.From February 19 to 22, there will be heavy rain in Guangdong, and the daily average temperature will drop 7℃ to 10℃. From February 20 to 21, the coldest temperature will be below 5℃ in northern Guangdong and northern cities and counties of the Pearl River Delta. The lowest temperature in the alpine mountains will be as low as minus 3℃, and there will be freezing, accompanied by partial freezing rain or sleet!This cold train has already left, the temperature will gradually lower and the rain will come down from north Guangdong later this weekend can be said to be very “freezing” today and tomorrow, if you need to go out, please pay special attention to how thick you are, how thick you wear + take an umbrella!The most exciting thing is that the lowest temperature in Guangzhou on Monday was around 5℃ and there was heavy rain. Remember to wear more clothes when you go to work or school.These health tips quickly collect!Rain season these health tips to get to prevent cold rain season, to appropriate spring cover, do not take off winter clothes too early, and add clothes according to climate change.To prevent the invasion of wind and cold, causing disease.Sun Simiao is in “precious gold important square” in remind, dress appropriate when spring “next thick go up thin”, that is to say, spring season, lower body should wear a few more.The Chinese medicine health saying “cold from the feet, wet from the bottom” is also about the lower body legs and feet warm.The best way to prevent and alleviate spring sleepiness is to exercise early spring Yang began to rise, get up early in the morning, appropriate and gentle outdoor sports, such as walking, walking, jogging, mountaineering, etc., in order to enhance physical fitness.In addition, early spring temperature difference in the morning and evening, we should pay attention to keep warm, add clothes, especially pay attention to the head and abdomen warm.Clever use of acupoints to drive “spring sleepiness” can use the thumb knead neiguan, God gate, sanyin.The three acupuncture points cooperate with each other, and knead for 5 to 10 minutes every day, can play the role of calming and adjusting sleep.People with stomachache can massage zhongwan, Taichong, Zusanli and other acupoints, each point about 1-2 minutes.For people with stomach distension and belching and other dyspepsia, it can be kneaded on Zhongwan point with finger tip or palm root for about 3-5 minutes after meal for half an hour. It can also be taken with 10 grams of Shenqu, hawthorn, malt and tangerine peel in blister, or decocted for 20 minutes and taken with filter residue.Adjust mood, go to bed early as far as possible should adjust mood, maintain quiet and cheerful, avoid exasperation, make liver gas smoothly thereby, be able to often protect health.Try to get to bed before 11.Pay attention to diet should pay attention to food hygiene, three regular meals, each meal only eat seven or eight full.Early spring should be light, rich nutrition, easy to digest food.Eat less fried, greasy food;Quit smoking and drinking, eat less strong tea, coffee, spicy and other stimulating diet;Also eat less sweet and sour food.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that long-term use of cold, will damage the spleen and stomach Yang qi.In early spring, eat less cold fruits and vegetables such as winter melon, bitter melon, watermelon and Sydney pear, and more spicy fresh vegetables such as garlic garlic, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, parsley, sprout, celery, spinach, shepherd’s purse, willow bud, ginger, green onion, garlic, onion and fermented black beans.To the patient of stomach bilge, want to eat food such as oily, rice flour, bread, alkali water surface, ferment steamed bread, sweet potato, taro less.Sun Simiao, a medical expert of the Tang Dynasty, said in his work qianjin Fang that “on the seventy-second day of spring, save acid and add sweetness to keep temper”.It is suggested to eat more sweet food to nourish the spleen, and rain is heavy with moisture. Chinese yam, lotus seed, white lentil, Gordon urox seed, coix seed and other foods can be used to strengthen the spleen, promote qi and benefit dampness, and also can be used to cook poria cohoe belly soup, four-god pig belly soup, five-finger peach Huaishan Chicken soup, lentil pearl’s Tears ribs soup, etc.”Porridge for the first month”, this time can be appropriate to drink some porridge to nourish the stomach, such as yam porridge, lotus seed porridge, tangerine yam barley porridge.People who are nervous and anxious can cook citron orange peel porridge or drink rose tea.Source: Guangzhou Daily Integrated from CCTV News, Hebei Youth Daily, People’s Daily, Guangdong Weather, Guangzhou Weather Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn