Shock!!!The Chinese women’s soccer team came to the news that Sun Yingying was shot and killed abroad

2022-07-21 0 By

Shock!!!Chinese women’s soccer team news, Sun Yingying was shot dead in foreign countries, tears sigh!According to Canadian media, the bodies of two women found in a white BMW SUV were initially identified as Chinese women.One of them, 39-year-old former women’s soccer player Sun Yingying, was shot to death and was premeditated.Fans of women’s football are familiar with it. Sun Yingying once played for Dalian women’s football team and Tianjin Women’s football team.After immigrating to Canada, he served as the head football coach in Vancouver. He is also the only Chinese football coach in Vancouver and has a certain popularity in the Chinese community.After the event, people from all walks of life are dejected, sigh Sun Yingying’s encounter.Do not understand really sometimes, below big environment, go out state-owned what good?