This stage is known as the “longevity period” and it is recommended to do these four things during this period for both men and women

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With the improvement of people’s living standard, people’s pursuit of longevity has become more and more obvious.In life, more and more middle-aged and old people will try all kinds of ways to prolong their life, slow down the impact of aging on their own.According to the World Health Organization’s new age classification, people are not truly old until they reach the age of 74.And 55 to 65 years old is known as the human body “nourishing period.”However, because most of the human body at this stage are prone to a variety of diseases, so at this stage, both men and women should pay more attention to the maintenance of the body, to a strong body to meet the arrival of the aging period.Therefore, when the human body enters 55 to 65 years of age, it is recommended to do these four things during this period, may be conducive to health and longevity.1. Insist on regular work and rest during the 55 to 65 years old, is a variety of disease to seek a peak period, during this period, if both men and women are able to stick to a regular schedule, both to ensure that they have a plenty of sleep, can effectively protect the brain’s health, and plenty of sleep to a certain extent, to improve the body’s resistance and immunity,Also has a very good help, can help the human body to resist a variety of diseases, reduce the risk of human disease.We all know that After a certain age, Alzheimer’s disease is easy to catch up with, mainly due to the deterioration of brain function caused by symptoms.Therefore, for both men and women, if they want to stay healthy and live longer after the age of 55 to 65, it is best to keep moving their brain every day and do things that can help protect their brain health and slow down the aging process.For example, reading newspapers, listening to music, playing chess and other ways can effectively exercise the flexibility of human brain cells, promote human hand-eye coordination and language expression ability.3. Adhere to regular defecation with the growth of human age, when the human body has reached a certain age, due to the decline of the digestive function of the human body and the peristalsis ability of the intestines and stomach, many people are prone to constipation after the middle-aged stage.This will lead to the accumulation of metabolic waste, garbage, toxins and other substances in the body, and the accumulation of these substances will not only increase the metabolic burden of the body, affect the normal operation of the body’s organs, but also to a certain extent will easily induce obesity, increase the risk of suffering from a variety of other diseases.So for both men and women, after the age of 55 to 65, it is best to develop a good habit of regular defecation.Insist on regular physical examination although in the new age division, 55 to 65 years old is defined as the middle and old age, but because the human body at this age stage is the most vulnerable to disease, therefore, at this stage, both men and women, need to form the habit of regular physical examination.Regular physical examination can not only help people monitor their own health status, but also help prevent and screen the occurrence of various diseases, delay the aging of the body and help people live longer.