Binzhou City beiji Town: Rural culture prosperity and rural revitalization

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Our report (correspondent Liu Bo) for the implementation of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made the rural revitalization strategy deployment and “industry prosperity, livable ecology, civilization, effective governance, rich life” of the general requirements.Binzhou City Beiji Town promotes the comprehensive revitalization of the rural economy, rural rule of law, rural culture, rural governance, rural ecology, rural party building in an all-round way, so that the villagers’ life is growing higher and higher, to promote the revitalization of rural organizations, ecological revitalization, industrial revitalization, talent revitalization to provide important support.Since this year, Beiji town mainly from the following four aspects of rural cultural revitalization.One is to attach great importance to the idea.To carry out rural vitalization, we must promote both material and cultural progress, foster a civilized rural style, a good family style, and an honest people’s style, and constantly improve the morale of rural residents.Beiji Town will strengthen the integration of rural living environment improvement and spiritual civilization construction, establish a long-term mechanism for changing customs and customs, and constantly improve the rural governance system, so that the rural spiritual outlook, living environment, ecological environment and social conduct will take on a new look, so that the villagers can live a happy, civilized and livable life.Continue to excavate and enhance the value of rural culture within the town, and take cultural construction as the bacon casting soul project of the whole town’s rural revitalization strategy, so as to cultivate local culture and civilization at a more basic, deeper and more lasting level and promote rural revitalization.The second is the precise force on the object.The main body of cultural revitalization is farmers, and to prosper rural culture, we must rely on the broad masses of farmers.Farmers are the creators of rural culture, as well as the inheritors and beneficiaries of rural culture.In promoting the revitalization of rural culture, Binzhou Beiji Town actively mobilized and stimulated farmers’ subjectivity, initiative and creativity, guided by socialist core values, adopted effective ways in line with the characteristics of rural farmers’ life, and vigorously promoted the national spirit and the spirit of The Times.We will carry out the project to promote the culture of township elites and good people, further identify exemplary rural representatives such as Ji Tzung Ying, set examples, call on the people to learn from them, promote social ethics, professional ethics, family virtues, and personal morality, promote new ethical trends, and build a vibrant, harmonious, and orderly rural society.It has given full play to the role of “One Convention and Four Societies” and the practice station for civilization in the new era, actively cultivated and excavated local cultural talents such as Qinqiang Opera, Allegro and Shehuo, encouraged farmers to actively participate in rural cultural construction, and supported rural folk cultural organizations to carry out cultural activities in line with rural characteristics.Third, we will continue to improve the system.In order to continuously improve the level of rural cultural governance, strengthen the leadership of the Party to rural cultural construction, enhance the rural cultural governance ability.The orderly development of rural culture, improve the guidance and governance of the town party committee and government, give full play to the cultural service function of grass-roots party organizations, and gradually improve the rural cultural service system.In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken the new opportunity of “changing customs and fostering civilized local customs” to improve the “one meeting, four meetings” system and advocate simple handling of weddings and funerals.During the qingming festival, sacrifice, call for civilization advocated by the “sacrifice” online “martyrs” civilized “martyrs” planting trees worship activities ancestors, to avoid aggregation ritual activities and the use of fire, set environmental protection, humanities, epidemic prevention, multielement integration new form of ancestor worship, emphasizing both spiritual and cultural heritage, and sets up the sacrifice civilization behavior.We will constantly improve the level of rural cultural governance, jointly realize cultural revitalization, and comprehensively promote rural revitalization.[If you have news clue, welcome to report to us. News pay attention to northwest Information Wechat official account (XBXXBWX) leave a message or add editor wechat account: y609235490/18292963986 Submit email:]